Joyride to Jamaica

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Think Jamaica and inevitably think of Bob Marley! The sultry island of Jamaica, part of the uber-happening Caribbean Islands definitely go to put forth the remaining, and very self-explanatory deal attached along. Offering some of the greatest sites and sceneries to be experienced, the perfect chilled out vibe is derived with the different locations surrounding the place. Jamaica holds Hispaniola to the east while Cuba to the north. A majorly English speaking population, Jamaica is a member of the English Commonwealth.

Jamaica is unique in all the ways! Be it their culinary quotient or their language, and undoubtedly the exotic locations of this place to be unmatched with any other location, Jamaica is nothing but entirely itself.


Speak the Jamaican Way

Although, most of the population converses in English, but the language that comes naturally to this fun and frolic land is the Jamaican Creole. The local community speaks this language widely. Hear them speak in their peculiar accent, and picking up a few words is not at all difficult. The friendly locals shall make the deal very easy, if one pleases to. Another language which marks significant of this place is the language of Patois. You can hear the locals speak while conversing with one another or among their community members.

Don’t be very comforted with the notion about English as a widely spoken language. Their syllable stressing deal, in other words the accent can possibly make the language sound a bit alienated initially, till one grows accustomed to it.

Locals tend to tourists with friendly smiles and warm gestures. One may not even voluntarily try to strike a conversation. It all happens naturally at this naturally wonderful great escape.

Places worth Visiting in Jamaica:


Kingston can easily be considered as the heart of the aesthetic hub of Jamaica. The wondrous artistic and cultural arena of Jamaica just unravels most exquisitely with the amazing structures and sites at the very place of Kingston. Ever lively with the strong socio-political as well as the economic scene here, this is certainly a place to visit.

The most definite place of attraction here is the Morant Bay, a historically significant town deriving its importance by the event of the Morant Bay Rebellion. A fearless revolution of the peasant class, it was backfired in the most gruesome way killing as close to 500 people.

Morant Bay

Montego Bay:

The Montego Bay is a buzzing and vivacious destination in Jamaica. The Monetgo Bay is most certainly for the pleasure-seeker with zero guilt. A perfect place to sample the greatest cuisines, an ideal golf course with lush green fields inviting not just the pros but also amateurs and alike.

Black cliffs. Azure water. Mellow vibes. Negril’s casual, laid-back pace and natural beauty are a feast for the eyes and soul. Here, anything goes and everyone’s welcome.

Montego Bay


Crystal clear waters, the cliffs of the mountains, in a typical black color, the chilled out vibe of the Negril and awesome scenic beauties are unique in its own right.


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