Incredible Cities Of Germany – Part-I

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cologneAn incredible history and culture with nearly sixteen states each with its unique chronicles, makes Germany a wondrous place to visit.

Cologne is the oldest city in Germany, swiftly metamorphosing into the fine art capital of the country. Cologne has many splendid looking cities, historical monuments of significance, great tongue-teasing gastronomic delights and the Kolsch beer to sample. Cologne has the famed carnival, many open air concerts in Ringfest and the Tanzbrunnen where one can park oneself on the Rheinterasse and sample the fine music for free. One can also take a train trip down to the Museumsmeile located in Bonn for some great concerts. The quaint town of Bamberg is a charming place to visit.

dresden bei nachtFounded in 1206, Dresden is a known World Heritage Site, art aficionados can revel in the wide ranging array of the best museums, cathedrals and palaces to be found in all of Germany, with the Frauenkirch being the key archaeological attraction there. The Baroque style architecture is quite pre-dominant in Dresden with the Baroquish manner dome of the Frauenkirch that is the biggest protestant building worldwide and the magnificent architecture of Altstadt and Neustadt forms.

Frankfurt, the consummate financial hub of the country, is great for day trips through the vivacious neighbourhoods dappled with several sidewalk cafes, lively street markets bursting with fresh produce and a host of festivals. One could feast out at one of the three guard towers, the Eschenheimer Turm  that are located left from the city defences from 1425. Prior to the war, Frankfurt had the second largest Jewish community in Germany that dated back to 1150, and has one of the largest and ancient Jewish burial grounds.

frankfurt skylineWorth visiting places are Stadel Art Museum, Liebig Haus, Musuem of Modern Art, Goethe’s birth home, Alte Oper, the 1180 built Staufen Wall, the Klein Market Hall, the Romer along with close to 50 parks and dozens of museums that are sight for sore eyes.  A visit to Wurzburg, Old Town and the Limburg an der Lahn located between Cologne and Fankfurt are ideal stopovers. The famed palace of Mespelbrunn and the Wertheim located on the Main River can be visited en route to Rothenburg.

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