How to ensure your home safety while being away

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Once your vacation at a certain destination has been confirmed, its time to think as to how you are going to ensure the safety of your own home in your absence. With more and more robbery increasing these days, do not assume that a vacant home, although for some days, is not at all on a risk. If your home is lucky enough to bypass a robber, it might be a victim of some other disaster such as a short circuit setting it on fire. In fact, you have to always think of the possible worst-case scenarios and make all the preparations for it so that no such unexpected situation can put you into a condition of crisis. Therefore, rather than worrying of your home instead of enjoying your vacation, just follow these few tips to ensure that your own lovely home do not have to witness the throbbing robbery or damage while you are simply relaxing on a beach or are touring the castles of Europe.

Take the help of the neighbors.

Find out as to whether there is someone staying on your floor or somebody who always stays at her or his home just five steps away from your home. I am sure you will get one such person or family whose only watchful eyes can protect your home. Once you get somebody like that who is trustworthy, just do not ask her or him to water your plants or see who came and went away from your door; but ask her or him to let you know if something odd is noticed around your home in your absence. And also, inform her or him about your cell-phone number or the number of your friend or relative who has the additional key of your home. So, now if anybody is seeing roaming around your home, might be for selling something or robbery, the neighbor soon knows how to avoid the situation.

Avoid publicity of your holidays.

Most of the times advertising your own vacation becomes the biggest nightmare! For example, you might write on Facebook and Twitter about your confirmed holidays, but do also keep in mind that your those 500 Facebook friends as well as 400 Twitters are really not your true friends as you may never know who will take the advantage of your vacant home. In fact, it is always recommend sharing about your memorable moments only once you are back at home. So, until then, remain quiet and veil the secret for your own safety. And yes, before getting on your vacation, do not let people know that you are not going to blog. In this case, what you need to do is to write some pre-schedule posts that will appear to your friends while you are chilling out. So, this gives an impression as if you are at home although you are not.

Light up all the solar-powered lights.

Many times it is possible that a motion-sensor light aids you in spotting any strange activity at home, for example, kids spoiling your yard or an impious person peeping in your home. These lights are cheap, run on solar energy eradicating the need of electricity power and its bill spend, and get lighted after dusk nightfall. So, you can easily use them near the front door, garage, sidewalks, as well as at the back door. This is a smart way of ensuring safety as the minute a likely robber is instantly illuminated, the neighbors will get alert and that she or he would not dare next time to come down at your place.

Bring a temporary end to all deliveries.

Imagine a pile of newspapers in your porch or at the front door and now think as if you are a thief. Don’t you think that is a great hint to a burglar that nobody is there at home. And if this happens, certainly your electronics, money, and jewelry are at stake. So, it is strongly recommended to tell your newspaper service provider to stop putting any kind of newspaper until you are back. Likewise, also inform the U.S. Postal Service about your traveling dates and request for the bulk delivery on the day you are back. Similarly, think of all such services that you receive daily and act accordingly. Now, this has one more bonus point: the service providers are free from that extra work of yours. So, do give a thought on this!

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