Hotels of Udaipur: Review of the Aashiya Haveli

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The Aashiya Haveli is one of many heritage buildings of Udaipur.  It is located on Lake Pichhola’s eastern bank, an area owned by Udaipur’s famous Aashiya family for more than 224 years. The Aashiya Haveli underwent detailed renovations in the year 2006 and by the end of 2008 the building was ready to welcome guests. The tourists will be welcomed here with authentic vegetarian foods of Rajasthan (traditionally, people of Aashiya family are purely vegetarian and thus even eggs are not served here) and all the modern amenities that one can expect during his stay at a Luxury hotel. The hotel, Aashiya Haveli is run solely by members of the Aashiya family.

Aashiya Haveli

Every guestroom of the Aashiya Haveli is unique. There will be something to surprise you in each of these rooms. Moreover, the set up and the décor of the rooms are modified every year; the entire process involved a lot of hard work; fresh colors are added thoughtfully for making these rooms appear more inviting. Items like beddings, towels, colorful pillows, curtains and glass chandeliers are chosen carefully for every guestroom of Aashiya Haveli.

Aashiya Haveli room Aashiya Haveli room

The stay at this hotel is more like staying in a luxurious home. The rooms do not have television sets and telephones; the management has decided to exclude these modern day amenities from the rooms for ensuring that the serenity and tranquility of the rooms are not destroyed. People coming here will surely start loving the place and would wish to stay here for the rest of their lives.

If you want to enjoy the picturesque view of Lake Pichhola, spend some time at the roof top of Aashiya Haveli; the hotel’s rooftop is adorned by comfortable furniture. This part of Aashiya Haveli is also ideal for having private conversations, reading, meditating and relaxing. If you are looking to arrange a get-together, the courtyard of the hotel is the place to be. You can enjoy drinking and spend time going through current newspapers and wide range of magazines when at the hotel’s courtyard.

Roof top of Aashiya Haveli

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