Honeymoon Lake: A adorable natural getaway in Canada

North America | | December 10, 2010 at 1:28 am


Nestled in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta, the Honeymoon Lake is an adorable retreat in the center of the Canadian Rockies between Jasper and Banff. It is named so for it acting as a romantic hangout where the couples camp on its glorious shores for picnicking amidst some natural scenery. Adorning the Jasper National Park on the Icefields Parkway, the Honeymoon Lake is easily accessible from the Jasper town after traveling for some 53 km.

The waters of the Honeymoon Lake are clear and transparent and that they are just ideal for canoeing. The lake’s campground stretches on the west coast of this splendid water body and is more apt for smaller RV’s and tents. Here, you will come across some 35 sites that hold fire pits, picnic tables, public pay phone, dry toilets, filtered water that is to be pulled, food lockers, and covered kitchen well equipped with garbage bins, wood burning stove, canoe lunch, and bear proof food store space. However, none of these sites are serviced although they have these amenities. These lakeside sites residing in the shade of the pine and spruce are located quite close to each other on an irregular ground. Of these, a few that are nestled away from the lake occupy a big area with much space in between each site. For lighting the fire pits, you need to buy a fire permit during which you will also be given the fire wood. Kindly note that there are no showers or flush toilets here. And above all, the most important point for you to know is that in this Bear nation, you should store the food items along with the food properly.

The Honeymoon Lake campground is among the most-visited tourist spots here. Therefore, there has to some more fun here besides camping only. First, you can enjoy the majestically shimmering vistas of the lake along with the Endless Chain Ridge, the incredible natural wonder that pulls countless tourists here. Next, opt for hiking for a short while so that you get an amazing chance to explore the nearby Osprey Lake as well as Buck Lake. This hike is just worthy, so do not be lazy. Believe me; you will not only remember this hike, but will also store the picture of these captivating lakes in your mind forever.

Want to see some of the most splendid waterfalls here? Then, get ready to drive in the north for a short while so that you can marvel at the Athabasca falls. Your driving effort will not only be rewarded with the view of this cascade, but will also be given the great opportunity to explore the Mount Edith Cavell. Further, from the Honeymoon Lake campsite, if you go east, you will come across the Sunwapta falls. There is no doubt that this campground is the ideal vacation spot for those who not only nature, but also want to give a dazzling holiday surprise to their better halves for knowing each other from all angles. Did you know that the Bortle Scale has ranked the night skies as #1?

To reach this lake in the Jasper National Park, just follow the highway 93 until you reach exactly in the middle of the Banff/Jasper frontier and Jasper. And yes, while you are in the park, you can also go adventurous to take up climbing, hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, white water, and backcountry as well as cross country skiing. In 2008, the charges for staying in any of the campsite were $15.70.

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