High Altitude Treks in Arunachal Pradesh

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Arunachal is a land of perfect destinations and ideal travels. This is the most ideal place  to have high altitude pleasures of treks ,these treks last for more than a week and can be as long as 16days and 15 nights too.

This is where you find the world’s most fascinating mountains and hills and where you can soar high in the spirit of adventure. Get to share some days with the Monpas and also enjoy the raft experience here down the River Kameng. To enjoy the absolute beauty of the rainforests here enjoy the climb up the lovely verdant stretches and the beautiful background of the mighty Himalayas. Under these alpine conditions also visit the monasteries and also the homes of the Gelugpa Sect. This sect thrives in the Mahayana tradition in Tawang.

High Altitude Treks

So in these high altitude treks you get to see nature come alive ,and you would experience the ideal eco system you always were searching for. There are festivals here in the months of January and February so this would be a great experience to see the Lossar and the Torgya festivals. Also you could get to see the Buddha Mahotsav. Enjoy nature at its best and experience this high altitude trek experience in this part of India.

Torgya festivals
With 13 fantastic days here in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in India, this trip is one experience you would cherish forever. The ideal time to undertake this trek is in the middle of September to middle of March. The climate is good till the month of May and though it is humid yet good enough for the trek. People above 18 years are allowed for the trek and you would checked for physical fitness before embarking on this high altitude trek.

After reaching Guwahati you would go to Bomdila by road. Then the next morning you would proceed to Thembang. Here there is a lovely climb to the Lagam village and then the Poshing La region is crossed. Here there would be halt at Tse la.

After crossing Tse La, the trek proceeds to the Chumba village. Then the following day you would cross the Se La ridge line and then get the best and the first view of the lovely Himalayas.

Tse La trek
Then come down to Nyuri and take a bath in the hot springs nearby. The trek then goes along the region adjoining the River Tawang Chu, and here you would surely love to bask in the absolutely mesmerising beauty of the place. Then walk till you reach the highway at Jang from where you would go by road to Tawang.

River Tawang Chu
At Tawang, there would be a tow night halt while you see the town, its monasteries, and the nearby villages. The Buddhist influence here would charm you and then you would go to Bomdila back through the route of Se La.

On the way you can halt at a place called Jaswant Garh. This is where you would get the last glimpse of the majestic Himalayas across the Tawang Chu. Also people pay respects to a great fighter of the 1962 war here.

Jaswant Garh
Then you would reach Dirang where you could interact with the locals and get to know all about their traditions and lifestyles. You can halt here for the night and experience the magic of the heritage culture here.

Go to the Kaziranga national Park from here the next day and alternatively you could go rafting here at the River Kameng after reaching Seppa. This is entirely your choice. After Kaziranga, where you could spend two nights, you could go back to Guwahati and proceed to your other destinations.

Kaziranga national Park
The high altitude treks in Arunachal Pradesh thus give you an opportunity to get the most thrilling escapades.

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