Health tourism in Kerala

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Indian is the new emerging talent in health and medical tourism. As early as 2006 the then US President George Bush renewed the joint effort to fight HIV-AIDS with India and offered to extend help to promote the country as a health tourism destination.

Kerala is a paradise southern state of India which has out done its counterparts and taken the lead in health related tourism. Kerala combines it traditional ancient knowledge of ayurveda and modern science to create an unmatched combination.

health tourism in Kerala

Beauty comes first!

To give it real credit a famous local Malayalam song states that the god who made this heavenly state had a green thumb. It has also been rated by National geographic as one of the world’s fifty must see destinations in the whole globe. The state offers bustling rivers, serene lakes, dense enchanting jungles, pristine beaches which are lined with gorgeous palm trees.

A travel marvel:

Visitors came here to relax and be amidst the cool climate and undisturbed nature. An Ayurvedic massage which is therapeutic was as common as drifting on a lazy boat down the river or drinking coconut water under the shady palm tree lying on the sandy beach.  There are plenty of things to do in kerala like hiking in the spice scented air of the Cardamom Hills.

The wonder traditional kathakali dance will keep you mesmerized even when you can’t understand a world of the local language. The wild elephants of the Periyar will call out to you so shall the beauty of the Lakhshadweep island. These collections of islands are tropical reefs which are a flight away from kerala towards the west.

kathakali dance

Medically best in the world!

This southern delight is aiming to be a global health destination by replicating the Thai model, which is still the leading destination for global patients of the world. India is promoting itself as a medical destination while moving towards medical outsourcing which helps in providing services to the saturated medical care systems in the western countries.

Indian doctors are said to be the best in the world and kerala has a large staff of world standard experts along with the low cost advantages. A heart surgery which costs $30,000 in the United States cost only $8000 in Kerala. Similarly a bone marrow transplant will cost $250000 in the US while only $26000 here.

Specialist Treatments:

Various expensive treatments can be had at a quarter of the price here in kerala. These treatments are conducted by experts according to global standards. The treatments offered are plastic and cosmetic surgeries. Ophthalmic treatments, Transplant Surgery, Neurosurgery, any general surgery can be conducted here. Dental care, Cardiac care, orthopedic treatments and fertility treatments in kerala are the best in the world.


It is the most elemental treatment offered in Kerala. Ayurveda is the natural healing system and science of life. It is formed from the ancient Vedic (scriptures) science. There are many treatments offered in ayurveda like the siro dhara in which a continuous flow of oil is allowed on the body of the patient. This treatment is good for people suffering form loss of memory, headaches, skin disorders and insomnia.

siro dhara
There are many other treatments which include cold and hot massages amongst other which help cleansing the body of impurities.

kerala massage

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