Havasu Falls: A colorful jewel in Grand Canyon

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Regarded among the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon is now more than a millionaire! Yes, I am saying this because it has become the most-visited attraction drawing more than million tourists every year. Besides itself being a natural wonder, the Grand Canyon is also the home of many natural attractions of which the Havasu Falls is just a colorful paradise. Flanking red, green, and brown cliffs and the bottom sky-blue waters render this place a heaven.

This absolutely stunning waterfall in a distant canyon of Arizona acts as an oasis in dry Arizona. Just as its beauty is beyond imagination, its accessibility is also beyond words. By this I mean that it really takes effort to reach here backed by scenic and swimming rewards. The picture perfect cascade is really difficult to reach via hike that involves in driving to the Hualapai Hilltop after which a long hike of 16 km starts. Hualapai Hilltop marks the starting point for a hike to the Havasu Falls, which is nestled at a distance of 100 miles from the nearest town named Seligman. I would recommend to spend the night here and then start in early morning to drive up to the hilltop. I spent my night here at Sedona from where it takes almost 3 hours to reach at your destination.

When you start your hike, your initial 1.5 miles is a steep drop to the Hualapai Canyon’s base. Kindly note this descent carefully as you will require to ascend this one again while you are back from the canyon. After this descent, the remaining hike is almost flat passing either via the must to visit village of Supai that is at 6.5 miles or to the campground at 8.5 miles. Believe me; this hike to Havasu Falls is incredibly wonderful taking you along the base of Hualapai Canyon offering a memorable hiking experience via a steep canyon at the sides as well as the cliffs hanging over you. But the fact still remains that it is a long hike. When I began my this scenic trip, it appeared to me as it is never going to end probably because I did so without a guide. For some time, my focus got diverted from the Havasu falls to the end of this canyon that I could not find despite looking around at each next corner coming in front of me. Finally, I could see the Havasu Creek, but still there was no end of the canyon. In my this life of 40 years, I have hardly seen a creek like Havasu that is surely among the wonderful water bodies with its unbelievable clear blue-green waters. However, it was later I came to know that ‘Havasupai’ itself stands for ‘folks of the blue-green waters’ that signifies the presence of the falls and creek.

After this creek, be right on your toes to reach the hamlet of Supai at a distance of 1.5 miles. From here, the Havasu Falls is just at 2 miles nestled before the campground. This cascade is one more incredible gift of nature – a double waterfall by the side of the creek whose white waters plunge to meet a crystal-clear blue pool that is just ideal for swimming. Just in front of the cascade, you can enjoy at a big beach area that is famous for picnicking. If you want to be adventurous, then ascend to the top of the waterfall and show your some courage by peeping down; however, be a bit careful.

Do you think that this long hike is not your cup of tea? Well, do not get disappointed as you can still explore the beauty of the falls. A helicopter ride awaits you to Supai or horses are ever ready to take you to the falls. If you are not tired and want to try some more adventure, take up hikes to four more waterfalls namely, Navajo, Mooney, Supai, and Beaver Falls.


Camping is allowed near the falls for $10 per person. Supai village offers a lodge. However, I recommend staying at Seligman for best options at 110 miles. It’s far, but worth it! For best experience, plan to stay at least for three days here.

Best time to visit

April to May and September to November.

Entrance fees

$20 per person.

Things to be carried

Sturdy walking shoes, insect repellent, sunblock, camera, lots of water, a car filled with gas, and brimmed hat.

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