Guernsey Islands – A Traveller’s Paradise – Part II

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Guernsey, a thriving island part of the Channel Islands has an impressive blend of fascinating vistas and modernity. As it is situated close to the UK mainland, it is the ideal place to head off to for a family vacation where the kiddie brigade won’t get weary with the travelling.

The park at St. Pierre Du Bois is a wonderful place to unwind. A visit to the Guernsey Folk Museum is bound to transport you into the past where one find Victorian styled classrooms, play areas, cleaning house, dairy and till area that all showcase the lifestyle of people living in the past century.

shippingThe Fort Grey constructed in the 1804 for shielding the island from French incursion, is an amusing fort called locally ‘Cup and Saucer’ due to its characteristic shape is situated in the most pictorial areas of the island on the rocky west coast of Guernsey close to the iniquitous Hanois reefs. The small Martello tower of the Fort Grey contains an exceptional Shipwreck Museum that enlightens one of the island’s several ship wreckages with recouped relics on display.

The chapel Les Vaubelets is perhaps the smallest sized chapel in the world with the interior space having a holding capacity of at most three including the priest. It is the delightful conception of Brother Deodat, a Benedictine monk who re-built a scale replica of the Basilica at Lourdes and arduously bedecked it with plentiful seashells, nuggets and chipped bone china.

The Sausmarez Manor located at St. Martin’s is a 13th century notable house that was the abode to generations of Seigneurs, has more than two hundred sculpted pieces in the art park, with the sub-tropical garden having an unique array of flora and fauna. Numerous activities in the offing are the Pitch and Putt, radio operated boats and demos.

At the Strawberry farm, St. Saviour’s one can find an impressive assortment of macaws, parrots who have been bred in captivity. In addition there is the adventure playing field and crazy golf.

The Beau Sejour Park proffers breathtaking views of the east coast and offers a host of activities for all ages. The bouncy castle, water flumes, indoors heated swimming pool and games machines are bound to satisfy the kiddie brigade. Nuzzled in German made tunnel, the Aquarium has a huge collection of fish, reptilian and amphibian forms.

The La Valette Underground Military Museum located in tunnels that were constructed by Germans boasts of an exemplary collection of the military past of Guernsey inclusive of the WWI.

The Castle Cornet goes back eight centuries with an amazing past when it stood sentry over the St. Peter Port.

One must set aside a day to lumber across to the nearby Sark or Herm via boat that is bound to be an enjoyable, adventurous journey for the entire family.

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