The Great Ocean Road

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This long stretch of highway running along the majestic shoreline, has been metaphored with the very amazing Pacaific Coast Highway for the scenic splendors it offers. This spectacular winding path providing excellent views of the Southern Ocean is a perfect drive patch extending from Geelong to Portland. Passing through some of the coolest beaches, with ancient ports of much historic command and relevance, the drive further continues along some of the stunning rainforests and the views of awe-inspiring mountains. One even passes through national parks that are not be found elsewhere exhibiting such rare species of animals.

Great ocean road

The Great Ocean Road further passes through the exotic Bells beach that is much famous for its devilish-like waves. Stop by and take a halt at the glittery and sandy beach of Lorne for a quick sun-sand-and probably even some surf activity to accommodate in between. Going further ahead, the mind-blowing site of the Aborigines in close proximity with the famous Tower Hill point are the most revered places of interest. The Port Fairy marks the shipwrecks featuring the very famous Twelve Apostles, a much revered site and the amazing locale it goes to make. Truly breath-taking views are going to mesmerize one at the sheer enigma cast by the majesty and grandiose of the vista.

Great ocean road Australia Surfing

The Shipwreck Coast can be spotted in the Victoria region of Australia spread over a distance of about a hundred and thirty kilometers, right from the Moonlight Head and ending at the Cape Otway. The famous twelve apostles are structures made of limestone.

Shipwreck Coast

These Twelve Apostles are also said to be the Shipwreck Coast, for the reason that countless ships were swallowed by these seas and doomed at this very spot during the 1800s. The haunted yet enchanting views of the twelve apostles create quite a stir at any given time. Out of the many ships that got wrecked here include the Mahogany Ship which is roughly estimated to be from the 1520s, the Unnamed Whaleboat from the year 1836, Thistle from 1837, Children from 1839, Unknown French Whaler from 1841, Lydia from 1843, Socrates also from the same year as Lydia being 1843, Enterprise from 1850, Essington from 1852, Freedom from 1853, SS Schomberg, which derives its name after Charles Fredrick Schomberg built in the Liverpool, however fell prey to the violent seas in 1855, John Scott in 1858, Golden Spring in 1863, Marie Gabrielle in 1869, Young Australian in 1877, Loch Ard in 1878, Napier in 1878, Alexandra in 1882, Yarra also in the year 1882, Edinburgh Castle in 1888, Fiji in 1891, Newfield in 1892, Freetrader in 1894, the La Bella in 1905, Falls of Halladale in 1908, Antares in 1914, while Casino in the year 1932.

Top 5 tourist attractions on the Great Ocean Road

Coasting the Beauties

This spectacular coastline of the Victoria region in Australia presents awfully beautiful scenic views. With the waves plunging very high to derive the term monster waves, the beaches of Bells and Lorne are a great haven for the traveler with the wide range of surf activity keeping the beaches electrifying. The huge waves make a great spot to indulge in the sport of surfing. Visitors can also choose to indulge in the many of other vibrant activities like the swimming or kayaking or even fishing. Apollo Bay serves as a great spot for such action. Run off to Anglesea or take in the old vibe of the Shipwreck coast, the sight of the mighty twelve apostles is certainly breath-taking, which can hardly be compared with any other structure or place. The limestone rocks rising from the sea, bearing the lashing of waves is sure to leave one enthralled and very fascinated.

Great ocean road Australia

Outdoor Adventure

The Great Ocean Road has it all. Talk of lush green rainforests or the blazing volcanoes, and of course not to forget the most amazing coastline that stretches all the way along providing great landscapes and scenic views, one can look forward to traveling in almost another world altogether. En-route comes the Great Otway National Park, home to some of the most exhilarating white sparkling waterfalls, one can tread through the moss pasted huge trees. Also, the old historic caves of the Cape Bridgewater  are welcoming and certainly a great escape into the pages of history and enigma. The very unique structures of limestone hovering on the coast of the Bay of Islands is a celebrated site mixed with fright and even wonderment at the same time.

Flora and Fauna and Beyond

This winding stretch of road is not just filled with scenic views but also some of the rare species of animals are bred here and can be spotted just on the stretch of the Great Ocean Road. Being a hot-spot to identify special like southern right whales at the Warrnambool at the time of their yearly movement, the other great sights include of animals like koalas, emus, different water birds, kaganroos, more easily at the place of Tower Hill State Game Reserve.

Great ocean road Kaganroos

Indulge in the sport of golfing in the company of kangaroos doing their mid-day supper in the place of Anglesea. Observe the koalas at the Kennett River. They can also be spotted at the Great Otway National Park. And if you thought that was all, then there’s certainly something more. Make way for the very cute fur seals coming out in a huge group at the Cape of Bridgewater. Also, let the night be sparkling with the glowing gliding creatures of worms within the Great Otway National Park at the Melba Gully.

The Queenscliff over the Bellarine Peninsula is a great spot to spot dolphins and even take a dip along with the cute creatures.

Eat and Drink the Fine Style

How could just the sites and adventure end the story? With some of the excellent culinary delights waiting to be sampled, along with some of the fine collections of wine. Just hop onto any of the eateries located along the coast and savor dishes that you surely might have not in the past. The local cuisines will surely be something new to experience.

The Authentic Aboriginal Vibe

The age old aborigines culture mixes with the scenic sights of the Great Ocean Road. The whole stretch extending from Geelong to the Gunditjmara. Have your chance to get acquainted with this slowly depleting rich culture. Run away to the old stone homes and the heritage of Lake Condah to soak in the real vibe of the legacy.

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