Gracious Philippines And Its Wonders

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banaue_rice_terraces_philippinesRice Terraces of Banaue

Rice Terraces of Banaue are located in central Luzon and have been carved by local lfugao people. This carving is one of the greatest attractions of Philippines and is over 3,000 years old. The work is still going on as terraces are even made today. If the carving are made to end there is a possibility of them stretching 14,000 miles. These are included in UNESCO World Heritage site in the year 1995 and are also on the endangered list of 2001. Rice Terraces of Banaue are worth seeing.

tubbataha-reefTubbataha Reef:

Tubbataha does not consist of any human settlement. Tubbataha Reef is located in the middle of Sulu Sea. To visit this beautiful reef you need to make a boat trip which comprises of 92 miles from the city of Puerto Princessa. This beautiful reef covers an area of 968 km² and more than 300 coral species and 400 fish species reside here. Atolls are also the home of many seabirds. Due to its scenic beauty it is declared in UNESCO list of World Heritage sites in the year 1993. These reefs are of great tourist attractions.

chocolatehillsChocolate Hills:

There are over 1,200 hills which cover 50 km² and these chocolate hills are located on the island of Bohol.  It gets it name because the grass turns brown in color in dry seasons from it started to be known as Chocolate Hills. The hills are made of limestone and are conical in shape. Geologists are not sure that whether they are naturally made or man made. It is been marked as one of the flagship tourist destination by the Government of Philippines. These chocolate hills also are marked on the flag of this province. Chocolate hills are strange as nothing as been seen like that so far.

taal_volcano_philippinesTaal Volcano:

It is a very mysterious lake because its on a lake which consists of many islands and it is located on one of the largest island which is inside of a lake. It’s hard to understand but when you will visit it you will get the idea of what I am trying to explain you about. It’s an active volcano i.e. it can act when ever there is a possibility for it to erupt. It’s been said that once this volcano killed about 5,000 peoples which is its highest recording till date. It comes under the category of one of the 16 decade volcanoes. It’s been said that Taal caldera consists of Taal Lake inside it. The lake consists of high sulphur content in it and is home to many species of freshwater fish.

mayon_volcanoMayon Volcano:

It is one of the disastrous volcanoes of all and is said to be most active which has erupted 50 times since the year 1600. It is on the Southeastern part of Luzon. The most recent eruption of it was in the year 2006. It can rise to a height of 2462 m. This height was estimated when it rose above Legazpi City in Albany province. It can be well judged the amount if destruction it can cause when it killed 75,000 people in the year 1993.


Boracay is located south to Manila and is one of the smallest islands of Philippines. It is one of the greatest tourist attractions because of its white sand beaches. To visit this place there are direct flights from all over Asia for the tourists.  White sands of the islands are the largest and extents to 4 km to the west of the Boracay island. It’s beautiful and worth seeing.

Other Chief Places to Visit:

palawan_el_nidoEl Nido:

It consists of Limestone islands and inlets and is located northern to island of Palawan. It is one of the eco-tourist destinations and ranks high comparatively to others. Its is been found by the archaeologists that the oldest human settlement i.e. 22,000 years back was fund to be existed in El Nido.


It is the smallest province prevailing in Philippines and is located in its northern most regions. To be more precise it is located between to island of Luxor and Taiwan some where near halfway between the both. People of Batanes are known as Ivatan and they have a very unique culture. Crime rate in Batanes is Zero as it is been reported that there is no crime and the jails are empty.

mall_of_asia_2Mall of Asia:

In terms of grass lease able area SM Mall of Asia stands third largest mall in the world. It is located in Manila and consists of open air walkways connected with four separate buildings. In terms of percentage it is 10% larger than West Edmonton Mall and 50% larger than Mall of America which is a great deal. To surprise us even more it has Olympic sized ice skating rink and is a host to it.

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