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Australia is a beautiful island with nature’s gifted wonders. If you ever plan to visit Australia not seeing its beautiful wonders will be a complete waste of the trip.


Kakadu National Park:

It is a place where you will find rarest of wildlife species. It’s a place worth seeing and you will enjoy your trip seeing the saltwater crocodiles and animals like kangaroos and wallabies. It also consists of some of the rock carvings carved by the aboriginals of this place. The rock carvings are worth seeing and are simply awesome. Some of the carvings are even 20,000 years old and they are remarkably stunning.


Uluru/Kata Tjuta:

Well you may get confuse what is it, well Uluru is most commonly known as Ayer’s Rock world wide. It is due the rich iron content which makes it appear as if it’s changing its color. It is brighter in red color during the day and darker in red as the sun starts to set.
It is not only sacred to the aboriginals i.e. the oldest tribe of Australia but also has a great cultural significance.


Sydney Harbor:

Once you are Australia to visit Sydney Harbor is must. It is located at the centre of Australia and is a home to Opera House and the Harbor Bridge of Sydney. You can probably have a tea in the Opera house and can take a long walk over the bridge and to the luscious and beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens of the place.


Bungle Bungles/Purnululu National Park:

These are located in the regions of Kimberly which is south to Australia. It’s fascinating and has a spectacular bee hive dome look which makes it different entirely not only in Australia but through entire world. They were paid attention in the mid-1990 and were found to be strangest of wonders of Australia.


Great Barrier Reef:

It has great significance of its own. It is the home of numerous biological diversities and a million species of fish. Great Barrier Reef is nothing but the corals which are made of skeletons of the fish which have contrasting and beautiful color compositions making it one of the greatest tourist attractions of the world. It earns Australia lots of foreign exchange. It extends over 2,600km and are most commonly distinctive in Cairns and the Whitsunday Islands.


Giant Eucalyptus Trees of Tasmania:

Tasmania is a place to various species of flora and fauna. The most unique species of animals prevailing in here is the Tasmanian devil which is an endangered species. The plants include most importantly Eucalyptus trees. It is also known by the name of Swamp Gum, Mountain Ash or Tasmanian Oak. It is second tallest tree in height of the world next to the red wood trees.


The Great Ocean Road:

This road is found on the southern coast of Victoria and is carved naturally by the gorgeous and stunning sandstone formations by the Great Southern Ocean. It is one of an erosional feature and is one of the most significant. Other erosional features are Twelve Apostles, London Bridge, and Lord Ard Gorge which can be seen near the town of Port Campbell.

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    The next big trip I’m taking will be to Australia. I have a plan to make it there. I’m definitly going to visit all those great places you mentionned and I’m very excited about going to the Great Barrier Reef and hopefully have the opportunity of scuba-dive there!

  2. Mahemortin says:


    Australia is a beautiful island with nature’s gifted wonders. If you ever plan to visit Australia not seeing its beautiful wonders will be a complete waste of the trip

  3. Mark says:

    The way Ayers Rock changes colour throughout the day and finally glows red at sunset is an amazing experience :)

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    Hello, That was a fantastic post thank you very much for sharing this information with everybody.

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