Gourmets Delights in Kolkata

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India is a land of traditional cuisine and Indian cuisine has been an intrigue and of great interest to all tourists coming to this part of the world. Come to this country and enjoy the pleasures of the best kind of gourmand delights.

Eastern India has always been a region with the most delicious kind of culinary fare and it is very enchanting to see how over the years the region has come up with the most palatable cuisine here. Kolkata the city of joy, is the gourmet capital of the eastern part of India. People of Kolkata are very experimentative about food, and it has been seen that on an average, people of Kolkata spend half of thier income on quality food. So it is no wonder that the Kolkata have a very sublime taste and they enjoy the finer aspects of life and this extends to the art of fine dining also.

The city in its three hundred years of existence has seen at least the best of global culture and has people from all classes of life coming, and contributing to this land of lovely delights.

For a metropolis of today, Kolkata has a variety to boast of. So whether it is the Chinese noodles or the German Hamburgers, the Italian spaghetti or the Mexican Chilli corn, it is all available here, and there are some really good restaurants and hotels¬† giving the best kind of cuisine. There are restaurants like Saurav’s The Food Pavilion which has been under the watchful eye of the Indian cricketer Saurav Ganguly and then you have the very popular chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s Grain of Salt which is another lovely restaurant to visit.

Kolkata is a fish dominated region so get to have the best fish fare in the neighbourhood Bengali restaurants. So the “Machher Jhol” and the “Chingri Mallai Curry” are very popular favorites in fish cuisine here. Also you have the Kalia, and the Murrighontos, the Tauks, the Machbhaja, Chorchoris, the Bhapamach, the Doimach etc in the variety of fish culinary desires.

Chingri Mallai Curry

God down the Chinatown in Kolkata and enjoy the lovely Chinese fare in Tangra. The narrow alleyways here throw into a fascinating zone of Chinese food. The natives here speak Chinese and the food here is very authentic. The manufacture of the sauces and the noodles are also done here.

For the very famous street food in Kolkata, the area of Dalhousie Square also called BBD Bagh is a great place to go. Come here at lunchtime and you will see the whole area transformed into a food haven. Here you would also get a lunch of chapattis and rice with Booter Dal which is a lentil soup. You would also get fish curry and roasted papads along with fresh salad all for a very nominal rate.

BBD Bagh
Go to the Maidan area of Kolkata and enjoy the pleasures of having some light snacks. Here near the new market area you would get the best jhal muri and the puchkas which are the mainstay of having roadside food in this city. The Jhal muri is a concoction of puffed rice with raw vegetables like cucumber, tomato and boiled potatoes, with a dash of tamarind pulp and coconut gratings. The Puchkas is the universal pani puri of Mumbai or the Gol Gappa of Delhi but with a different tangy taste. As the puchkawallah or the puchka vendor dips his hand into the big pot of tamarind water and fills your plate with the most delicious puchkas, it is a great experience to taste this small time but popular Kolkata street food.

Jhal muri
No visit to this city can be complete without tasting the most delicious rosogollas and the payesh, the natun gurer sandesh and the Kheer Puli. So taste the legendary K.C.Das sweets, and also Jalajog delicacies and forget your diet for the time you are here, and just bask in the pleasures of being in this city of joy and kindle your palate with this unique and special fare you are doled here.

While in the city of Kolkata, be sure to enjoy the pleasures of its delicious cuisine.

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