Gomateshwara Statue in Sravanabelagola

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Gomateshwara is the tallest monolithic statue in the world and is dedicated to Lord Bahubali. It is located in Shravanabelagola at a distance of 158 kilometers from Bangalore, India. The statue depicts Lord Gomateshwara a Jain saint and is carved out of a single block of granite stone. The statue has a height of 17 meters and majestically stands on top of a hill.

The statue was build during the reign of the King Rajamalla of the Ganga Dynasty by there Commander Chamundaraya in 10th Century AD. Shravanabelagola is an important centre for pilgrimage and religion for centuries. One gets the most majestic view of the statue during the festival of Mahamastakabhishekam which is held once in 12 years. , During the festival the statue of Lord Gomateswara is bathed in milk, curds, ghee(clarified butter), saffron and gold coins. The statue is visible from a distance of 30 kilometers.

gomateshwara statue in sravanabelagola

After deciding to relinquish his empire, Bhagwaan Rishabh Dev, as a dutiful father, doled out equal parts of his realm to all his kin, Bharat and Bahubali being among them. As time passed by, Bharat began harnessing the desire to become the absolute ruler of humankind. He exacted all the other kings to acknowledge his dominion. All followed way except Bahubali, who dared to defy him. What followed was an impending battle like situation with the troops from both sides ready to rage war. Ministries from both sides were against the blood bath, and instead suggested a hands-on contest to settle on the victor, to which both the brothers concurred.

There are three rounds of the contest, the first being the water clash, the second being sight spar where the one to bat an eyelid first would lose and the last one was a brawl. The first two rounds were won by Bahubali. As the penultimate round of grappling took shape with people from both sides cheering on, with Bahubali seeming to be on the winning way to becoming the penultimate ruler, a harrowing thought engulfed him. Bahubali came to the realization that no solace can attained by causing pain and suffering to your own blood. The fame that one would achieve and the satisfaction were no good as one would get lost in the vicious cycle of desires.

With such consciousness, he abandoned his empire in search of true bliss and intellectual peace. Through countless years of relentless reparation and contemplation, he bore the brunt of several vagaries of nature. He was not able to acquire subliminal bliss with recurring thoughts that the land he stood on, belonged to his brother. These thoughts obstructed his intellect and insight and hence his soul. It was only when his brother Bharat came and comforted him, was he able to let go of that thought process and attain subliminal bliss.

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