Golden Gate Park San Francisco: Holistic rejuvenator

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The Golden Gate Park San Francisco is the harmonious attraction not only for the humans who come here as the visitors, but also for other living beings such as plants, animals, and birds. This big green landscape is like a small magnetic world in itself, which pulls all creatures together to reveal that nature loves unity in diversity. This was what I felt when I took a tour of this great park extending inland from the bordering Pacific. Boasting a rectangular shape, the Golden Gate Park San Francisco is also the home of science, recreation, fine arts, and culture offering you varied things to see and do via its hundreds of gardens, paved roads, and wooded paths. While touring such a big park, just remember that a few of the highlights are hidden whose discovery needs minuet observation and alertness. However, your work become easy if you get a map from the McLaren Lodge or from the Park Headquarters nestled on the Stanyan and Fell streets for $3.

You have two alternatives to explore the Golden Gate Park San Francisco – walk or drive. If you are energetic enough, walk should be your choice (recommended as the guided tour); otherwise take up a car drive like me via the 49-Mile Drive whereon you need to watch out for the signs of a white-sea gull with an orange beak.

I began my exciting journey from the Great Highway and first spot the Beach Chalet facing the Ocean Beach. If you want to have some good vistas of the beach from upstairs along with some good flavors, this is a better place to do so. Taking right and driving on the John F. Kennedy Drive, explore the Queen Wilhelmina’s Windmill. If the season is apt (spring), you will see the blooming tulips at the bottom. Now, traveling ahead in east will take you to the Buffalo Paddock featuring the herd of American bison as well as the Spreckels Lake – a good picnic site during the weekends for fun and boating.

Be on the Park Presidio Drive and drive across it in the east, which will take you the most famous attraction in the Golden Gate Park San Francisco – the Conservatory of Flowers shimmering in pure white. Made to preserve a water lily garden, tropical area, and a rotating potted plant exhibition, this highlight charges you a small fee for exploring all. If you stroll for some minutes, you will get a chance to spot the AIDS Memorial Grove – a tribute in silence to all those fought against AIDS.

Crossing the park, moving ahead to the south of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, and taking right will bring in front of you the parking site. Well, park your vehicle here and get ready to take a tour of the different museums. The highly as well as recently renovated (2009) California Academy of Science house a planetarium, aquarium, white alligator, and exciting multimedia displays. Just take your eyes up to see the green roof adorned with the native plants – perhaps the most stunning sight. Also, look for an observation deck for some good views. After this, explore the DeYoung Museum of art with an affordable entrance fee.

See the map and route towards the famous Japanese Tea Garden featuring a complementing countrified design and an admission fee. Keeping the respect of its name, it serves some refreshing tea to its guests. And yes, you can also spend some time by ambling on its peaceful tracks. Do also visit the San Francisco Botanical Garden if you are a botany fan. This is where you will encounter thousands of plants. With no admission charge, the daily guided walks are very educational as well as exciting here. Now, move towards the west on the Martin Drive and you will encounter the Stow Lake offering a looping drive. Well, this is the largest lake here offering paddle boating. Also, check out for the Shakespeare Garden that reveals to the visitors the works as well as figurines of the popular writer. Moving in the west takes you back on the Great Highway where you can have the sunset view.

Entry fee



Not fixed


Minimum: 60 minutes

Maximum: Full day

Best time to visit

Driving: Any weekday

Walking: Sunday

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