Goat Island Niagara Falls , New York

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No trip to world famous Niagara Falls in U.S.A. is complete without visiting the goat islands. Situated in between Bridal Veil Falls and the Horseshoe falls on the Niagara River, this place is stunningly beautiful. Still uninhabited the Goat Island Niagara Falls is house to woody trees and walking trails. An interesting story of how this island got it name goes like this. John Stedman – a miller, kept a herd of goats on the island. But all the animals died in the terrible winter of 1780, but the island got the name.

Goat Island Niagara Falls

The potential of Goat Island Niagara Falls, being a prominent tourist attraction was envisioned by Augustus Porter who purchased the island and built a toll bridge to the islands for the tourist. But today here stands another bridge which is known for its magnificent architecture. It was given the name of “One of the most Singular pieces of engineering in the world”. Standing at seven hundred feet, this bridge soon became the best traveled walkway.

The cave of the winds was originally a cavern behind the Bridal Veil Falls. The cavers was a famous tourist spot till 1920 when a sudden rock fall resulted in killing 3 persons and leaving many injured. But the mounting pressure and the urge to explore the caves led the govt. to install elevators which could transport visitors quickly to the bottom leading to the caves of winds. But further rock fall led to complete devastation and today the caves of the winds exist in name only. The new cave of winds attraction is located in the Goat Island Niagara Falls.

One can enjoy a closer view of the Niagara Falls from the cave of Winds. All you have to do is to ride an elevator 175 meter deep into the Niagara Gorge, follow a guided tour to a series of wooden walkways to the famous “Hurricane Deck”. Get ready to soak yourself wit the rushing waters and face the thundering Falls head on. The best season to enjoy this splash of water is the spring. There is a separate viewing area for handicapped and adults with children in arms.

Goat island

The Goat Island Niagara Falls attracts tourists from worldwide offering a magnanimous view of the Falls. The entire island presents a panoramic view being surrounded by fast running shallow waters. Large rocks and Islets add to the beauty of the island.

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  1. Yjee says:

    Niagara falls are just amazing! While we were here we staying on the Canadian side of the falls..We took a twenty minute walk to the rainbow bridge to get to Goat island! You must visit this place as you’ll get to see lovely red, black and grey squirrels and the spectacle of the waterfalls from here is indeed to behold!
    Thanks for the post!

  2. Jacques Doyle says:

    Goat island is not really large and has got no habitants..It’s indeed a lovely little island located in between of the Niagara falls..We visited the falls from the U.S. side and we saw some most astounding views of the falls from Terrapin Point. A must visit here is to the Niagara Aquarium where you can catch the tricks of sea lions and penguins.

  3. Wilma Smith says:

    A NICE post! Really GOOD pictures those of the falls from the top!
    I’ll definitely visit the Goat island on my trip to Niagara falls in a few months! Thanks for the post :-)

  4. Zelda says:

    I recommend the Maid of the mist boat ride for seasoned water-surfers which will enable you to cruise the strong waters at the base of the falls! GREAT pictures of the falls!
    Thanks a lot :-)

  5. Edward Louis says:

    We were lucky to feel the intensity of the Niagara falls from a very distance at the Cave of Winds..The Observation tower has mind-boggling views of the GORGEOUS falls..We also went to the Niagara Gorge Discovery center where we were told about the history of the Niagara falls..We also took a halt at the three sister islands to view the rapids of the falls up close..It was FANTASTIC! Really very BEAUTIFUL!

    Thanks for the post! :-)

  6. Queeny Bluewaters says:

    We were at the Terrepin Point and the views of the falls are only to behold..!The sights are really CAPTIVATING and STUNNING and you’ll NEVER FORGET THEM FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!

  7. Herman Barzun says:

    We had a romantic wedding ceremony at the Niagara Falls State Park..The natural beauty of the falls from the American side is more and they hold a very SPECIAL PLACE IN MY HEART.. :-)

  8. Wilma Highgroves says:

    WHAT AN ENCHANTING VIEW of Niagara falls, and the gorge and the river..Just waiting to come back in summer, when THE TREES ARE ALL GREEN and FLOWERS IN FULL BLOOM!

    I just love the Niagara Falls and even more Goat islands!

  9. Rafael Trudd says:

    Great post on Goat islands! The Niagara falls are really a powerful and amazing sight! And even more so from the Goat islands! Great pictures out there, especially the view of the gorge and river and the falls altogether!
    Thanks :-)

  10. Vanessa Duvall says:

    The Niagara falls evoke feelings of love-

    There lies intact that chalice of ours,
    And its presence adds to the rhyme of love
    Persistently sung by the fall above.
    No lip has touched it since his and mine
    In turns therefrom sipped lover’s wine.

    BEAUTIFUL pictures!

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