Go Down the Memory Lane to the Ruins of America

Ruins of The Americas | | April 15, 2013 at 12:00 am


America is a land of the ancient Maya civilization, which existed here years ago. Copan is an interesting ruin here in the Honduras with relics of impressive Columbian art. A major tourist spot, these ruins in western Honduras have attracted the attention of many tourists in the recent past.

Copan is a beautifully fertile river valley ensconced in the surroundings of greenery and hilly regions. It is at a height so it is quite cool here like many of the Central American forest regions. There are innumerable shuttle buses that bring you to this place from any part of Honduras, Hedman Alas, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

Honduras El Salvador

Being a small place, you can even enjoy tours here by foot. The cobblestone streets here are a fascination for many a traveller and streets are safe even after the dark. The ruins are a little away from the main town and tourists come here and enjoy the short tourist walks around to smaller ruins nearby.

These ruins might not be as big as the Tikal ruins of Guatemala but there are lot of sculptures and art forms here, which are an attraction. There is an archaeological park with a magnificent museum of the Mayans. Some artifacts, a reconstructed temple, tunnels, are other sights here. It is better to come here early, as it gets hot by afternoon.

Tikal Mayan ruins Guatemala Aguas Termales

Besides, visit places like the Luna jaguar Aguas Termales. This fresh, natural hot spring is a refreshing spot for those who come here in the sun. Visit the macaw mountain, which is an enchanting bird sanctuary. Enjoy the swimming hole and the birds here. Go to the Centro de Mariposas, the butterfly sanctuary, and experience the world’s longest zip line, the canopy here. Also, enjoy the exciting horse rides here.

The ruins of the America are a very intriguing lot to travellers coming to this part of the world. Experience the adventurous pleasures here and take back with you invaluable, travel tales.

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