Glow Worms Caves: Milky Way on Earth

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Australia is the land of historic and natural wonders. But, this time, I am taking you on a tour of a man-made wonder on the Tamborine Mountain in southeast Queensland. This unbelievable grotto is among the top tourist attractions as it features the night sky on the planet. Dark but still lit, remote but still accessible, and creepy but still uninteresting; these are the features of the latest Glow Worm Caves radiating at night, which make you recall of the tinkling stars and Milky Way as if you are near them in the sky. The construction of these grottos after taking 14 months was completed in mid 2004.

This mysterious underground thrill is situated at the Cedar Creek Estate Vineyard, which is accessible within 45 minutes from Brisbane. When I reached here, I could see some more attractions at the Estate such as the Cellar Door, Prime Ministers Way, and Wild Duck Lake. But keep them for afterward visits, as this one will give you what you expected!

Glow Worms Caves

At the caves

Sculpted on natural limestone, the Glow Worms Caves features a unique radiant ambience in dark, which attracts kids more than the adults. The Glow Worms Caves are two giant chambers linked through the tunnels. When you enter, you will come across the first chamber named the ‘presentation cave’. This is the home of a plethora of genuine formations seen mostly in caves – stalagmites, stalactites, flow stones, and water features. Logically appealing is the impressive audiovisual show that informs you well about the glow worms and regarding the caves’ construction.

After watching this informative show, you move forward to explore the amazing glow-worm cave. As you go further inside by walking, you will see as if you are watching the shinning and jiggling stars. However, this is an illusion that is factually the main attraction! These are not the stars, but the strings of thousands glow worms (fly genre) that grow in Queensland, which hunt for prey via emitting light as an attracting medium.

Main attraction at the caves

The main attraction of the Glow Worms Caves is already revealed in its name. By this, I mean that the grottos are packed with the bizarre glow worms that are light radiating creatures creating a fascinating organic ambience. Technically, a glow worm is a general term referring to many groups of insect larvae that glitter by generating and reflecting their own light. These worms can adapt and live in certain environmental conditions only, which are well implemented in these caves. For example, the worms live on insects and that these preys live in ponds and mulch. However, currently in the caves, this food is brought by filling the buckets with rotten fruits that will attract the flies. And yes, for these worms and tourists, the humidity and moisture levels are also well managed via a high-pressure misting system functioning after every two hours. So, until now, you must have become interested to view these insects. Well, they are not visible only via the eyes. You also need a red torchlight too.

Glow Worms Caves

Purpose of the Caves

As I explored the caves, I was much inclined to know about the evolution of this idea. So, upon asking the guide, he revealed that these multi-million dollar caves actually aim at protecting the glow worms. Wow! How noble! Because of the increasing tourism in the area, these worms are being prone to a great risk and that these worms are only seen here and no where else. So, these caves were made to save these rare ones by making them live in the ideal moist rainforest (obviously, it is man-made).

Tickets and timings

The entry tickets are available at the glow worm office that is just outside the cellar door offering merchandise like sweets and shirts. These tickets are actually valid for some days.

  • Child (4-12): $5.00
  • Student (12-18): $8.00
  • Adult: $10.00

The caves are open on all days from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

  • Café
  • Toilet
  • Car park
  • Medical aid
  • Child/Baby seat and equipment
  • Conference/Convention facilities
  • Restaurant

It is best to discover these caves with a knowledgeable guide. Otherwise, you might be lost and would not obtain much out of it. Further, do not forget to take the walking shoes, torches, warm casual clothes, lamps, water, and other basic items.

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  1. Marlene Miller says:

    An ABSOLUTE THRILLING experience! I felt like I was in a fairytale land..The underground cave is mindblowing with best views of glow worms! We were told many engrossing stories and it was complete fun in the caves for two hours! We got a chance to wriggle, swim and float in atube to see some AMAZING sites of glow worms in the Tamborine Mountains..This tour is a must if you have children along..They are simply going to love it!

  2. Qert Curtis says:

    Visiting the Glow Worm Caves in Australia was a FABULOUS experience! The cave is dark, when your tour guide takes you around the cave, so your eyes are dilated..And then, is a peaceful boat ride..All you have to do is follow your tour guide in the Tamborine mountain Glow worm cave and hop on to a tube or a boat to see the AMAZING glow worms and hear wonderful stories about them It is absolutely recommended for children..There’s a Huhu Cafe down the road where you can have a nice meal in the midst of lovely scenic beauty! I just love the Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves! :-)

  3. Olive Fonseca says:

    I have visited many caves all over the world, but none as special as the Tamborine Mountain glow worm caves! The tour involves walking through the cave for about 25 minutes and then you hop into a boat and drift calmly with the glow worms beneath you. The number of glow worms are just ASTOUNDING!

  4. Illeana Ryle says:

    Hi! I’d like to say that what you can do here in the Tamborine caves isn’t something you could do in the US!
    The trip is full on for the laughs and thrills of being pulled into the cave, then climbing, swimming, floating, crawling and zipping through the cave..
    It was awesome fun :-)

  5. Yjee says:

    Nice post!
    Actually the best part of the tour through the grotto caves is the soothing boat ride through the glow worm grotto..We looked above i wonderment! The pitch dark caves glowed like the night sky shining with bright stars and planets or why not say millions of Suns! Only they were blue Suns :-)
    Even our 4 year old was awed by the sight. And it was necessary to be quiet as noise could reduce bioluminescence that was being projected by the glow worms!

  6. Langston Giuliani says:

    FABULOUS post on the Tamborine Mountain Glow Worm Caves in Australia!
    Enjoyed reading it! Thanks again :-)
    Keep posting more such interesting stuff!

  7. Sally Smith says:

    Glow Worm Caves in Australia are really amazing! I’m surely visiting this place when I go to Queensland! Seems like a really fun thing to do! Thanks for the post on the Tamborine Mountain Caves

  8. Kylie Smithson says:

    Awesome post! Thanks for the useful information about the Glow Worm Caves in Australia! Glad to have been there when my kids were young! We have Fantastic memories of Laughter and Glee at the Glow Worm Caves! Thanks for bringing back those memories :-)

  9. Daffne D'Silva says:

    Glow Worm Caves are the most amazing Natural Wonders of the World of all the Superb sights I’ve seen all over the world.
    Just imagine a dark black sky, while your eyes adjust to the darkness, ahead you see an entire galaxy of blue shining stars which are glow worms! A brilliant tour, also you’ll get to see atalactites and stalagmites!

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