Glories of the Guam Island – Barrigada, Agat, Hagatna

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Guam is a small water locked territory nestled in the Pacific Seas, which is separated by only about thirteen degrees from the zero degree line of equator. To the North of Guam is the technological nation of Japan, while the western part of Guam neighbors the land of the Philippines. A thriving commercial hub, Guam attracts a large number of sun-sand-surf enthusiasts from all over the world. The only way to lay your steps on the Guam lands is by means of flight. A typical vacation experience at Guam will include the pristine shores and the sandy beaches of Guam, as against the contrasting hues of the blue skies.

Guam Island

After reaching the islands, the traveler will have to find a mode of transport to go about exploring the place. And, the best deal is to hire a vehicle or rent a car. There are many rent-a-car providers who can be easily found in the area.

The Guam Islands are just about two-hundred-and-ten miles in expanse and boasts a mix of population ranging from the Spaniards, Chamorro natives and also some Americans from the military staff. However, the legacy and cultural influence can be attributed to a vivid mark of Asians and to be specific and precise, it is Japan which leaves its mark very strongly. The historic past of the island makes way through the many tourist hubs like eateries, quirky museums and also the local festivals which give a meaningful insight into the cultural traditions of Guam.

What is it that’s most striking about Guam is the most amazing beaches, which are a great delight with no particular season splendor as such. One can look forward to some great time on the sandy shores at any given point of time. The sunny skies are a perfect place for some quick sun-bathing sessions. However, even during the wet seasons, the beaches do not lose their charm and invite guests the same way. Although, a sultry climate dominates the air; but even the temperatures are in check and pleasant even for those who do not come from humid lands.

Guam beach

What further sets Guam apart from other places is the vibrant and colorful festivals that almost infuse a whole new life in the island. Regardless of the month you are visiting these islands, there will always be some or the other carnival or party that will keep the atmosphere abuzz. The tradition of the natives of Chamorro origin is vivid seen at the time of festivities and parties, as there is a trend of pot-luck system and gracious guests will live up to the norm of sharing and eating together.

The City of Barrigada Gaum

Nested right in the heart of the Gaum Islands is the city of Barrigada Gaum. Barrigada can more aptly be referred to as a small village town which bears the original spirit of Guam, as the place is only populated by permanent residents, and there are almost next to zero travelers living here. However, visitors do flock in to revel in the untouched sans the intrusion of commercialization, and this what makes the place so unique and natural that’s its really a foray into a world that retains its true nature.

City of Barrigada

Most of the homes overlook the Pacific Ocean, and thereby a property on the Barrigada will be no less than a priced possession. The place is populated by people from the origin of the Asian and Chamorro origins.

Shopping experience in the Barrigada is rather confined to a little commercial center which is situated right in the middle of this Gaum Island City. The ideal shopping destinations in Barrigada is best at Hagatna and Tumon. But what makes the shooping experience truly delightful is the duty-free deal for shoppers.

Because of a medley of geographic influences and the diverse indigenous people, there is an influence even on the gastronomic affairs of the region. There are some of the most succulent dishes that can be revered at the many eateries and food joints in Barrigada.

The City of Agat Guam

To the southern west past of the Guam Islands is the small village town of Agat. Boasting a population of as little as five thousand people, the place has elected its own Mayor and Council which takes care of their administrative functioning. Much of the population in Agat are the descendants of the Chamorro lineage that celebrate the cultural traditions of the ancient Chamorro people by the many festivals celebrated which bears traditional attributes. Situated just to the southern side of Apra Harbor, a lot of tourist attraction is centered around the village of Agat which boasts sites and structures like the Mt. Alifan, The Pacific National Historic Park, the Spanish Bridge, and also the Agat Marina.

Agat guam

What drives a lot of tourists is the Pacific National Historic Park which was built in the year of 1978. The park is constructed in remembrance of and dedicates all those martyrs who participated in the Liberation of Guam post the Second World War, at the time when the territory was under the clutches of the Japanese colonists. Till today, the Liberation Day is celebrated with equal fervor on the twenty-first of July every year. The celebrations are marked by the festivities brought by carnivals and feats stretch up to as long as a week’s time. The Park is further filled with other significant monuments, caves and trenches.

The City of Hagatna Guam

Formerly known by the name of Agana, however, the name did not sound indigenous to represent the culture of the local Chamorro people, and thereby, the name of the place came to be changed. The new name is pronounced in a more native way, and that’s how this capital city was renamed as Hagatna.

Hagatna Guam

Even before the Spaniards embarked the Guam Islands as long ago as around the sixteenth century, the indigenous people belonging to the origin of Chamorro considered the city of Hagatna much as their pivotal spot for inhabitancy. Being the capital city of the Guam Islands, the city of Hagatna remains as a significant city, as it is also emerges as the governance quarters for the whole of Guam.

Keeping aside the colonial turbulence which led to much tussle in the region, today, the visitors coming in can spectacle a great deal of historic legacy vivid on the face of this city of the Guam Islands. A lot of buildings suggesting the Spanish influences and constructed during the time when Spanish took over the territory can be better understood by visiting the Plaza de Espana, which is situated in close proximity with the cathedral of Archdiocese of Agana. There is also the other signification tourist attraction spot of the Latte Park, where the stone pillars standing even before the Spaniards embarked the lands is called as Latte Stones.

Hagatna also makes for a truly memorable shopping experience. Abuzz with great monuments, cafes, restaurants all through the heart of Hagatna gives it a rather urban vibe. Also, the night-life in the city of Hagatna is worth experiencing. This mega historical city of the Guam Islands also boasts of some of the most exotic beaches.

One can get to the city of Hagatna from either Barrigada or alternatively even Tumor as per where they are.

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