Gladiators That Ruled The Colosseum

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Human being has been since birth fascinated with the name shelter, construction, and inventions and explore. The very first construction that must have come to his mind would have been for escape from animals and climate. But, as the time passed by the construction improvised and went better which then later adapted the name architecture. Then it got spilt in many regional styles. There are places which are blessed with different styles of architects. One such place is ‘Italy’ that settles on Italian peninsula in southern hemisphere and on two largest islands in Mediterranean Sea. Well known for embracing European cultures and establishing the Roman Empire this land has been the birthplace for Renaissance.  Home to many renaissance artist the capital of Italy, Rome is tremendously rich in art, culture, architecture, literature, law, philosophy and religion.

Gladiators In The Colosseum

Italy proudly display numerous styles of architect which consist of Classic Roman, Greek, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neo-Classical, Art Nouveau and Modern style of architect.

This country flashes various architectural memorials like Pantheon, the Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Piazza del Campo, Milan Cathedral, Florence Cathedral, the Palladian Villas of the Veneto, the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, Villa Olmo and the Pirelli Tower.Roman Forum

Like every architect is a tour de force, Colosseum is one of the masterpieces that have been standing with pride under the deep blue heaven. Located adjacent to the Roman Forum, was formerly known as Flavian Amphitheatre is settled in the heart of the city. Being one of the most outstanding works of Roman Architecture and Roman Engineering it is regarded as one of the largest construction in the entire Roman Empire.

It is live significance that is a testimony for the opulence as well as the brutality of Roman Empire. The construction was accomplished by the trio of monarchs as the it was started under the reign of Emperor Vespasian during 70 and 72 AD and was then concluded by 80 AD during the era of Titus rule as the farther improvisation was performed in the Domitian’s supremacy.

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Fending with plume on six acres, it is openly standing structure whose entire structure is descended from the architecture of the two Roman Theatres. Having capacity to hold fifty thousand viewers the Colosseum was chiefly utilized for gladiatorial contest and civic manifestation. There were many gladiatorial games help and other communal gladiatorial contestactivities like mock sea battles, animal hunts, capital punishments, re-enactments of well-known combats and classical myths based plays.

It is anticipated that approximately 500,000 civilians and over million of animals lost their life is Colosseum games and thus later on during the early middle ages they terminated the entertainment use which was then granted for housing, workshops, as a fortress and a Christian holy place.

Due to the disastrous earthquake there was major damage to the Colosseum which have somewhat ruined the building. Even then it have sustains to be the iconic figure of Imperial Rome.  Rome being the third most visited tourist spot in the European Union, Colosseum welcomes almost four millions visitors annually. Even today it is associated with the Roman catholic church and hence on every Good Friday the Pope leads a torch lit’ Way of the Cross’ procession which starts in Colosseum.

This iconic structure has been boasted in many films and hence it is a great experience to wander yourself in the open area of Colosseum.  There are numerous transportation available to reach Colosseum. The B line Metro will drop you at Colosseum, then there are many buses that will land you at Colosseum including some of the tramways.

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