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When one thinks of casinos around the world, more than likely the  Chinese region of Macau probably doesn’t come to mind instantly. However,  if the casino industry in that country has anything to with it, it soon will. Macau is becoming one of the fastest growing gambling locales in the world – already surpassing Las Vegas. The biggest casino in Macau is the Venetian Macau and boasts the largest casino floor in the world. The Venetian Macau is based on its Vegas predecessor. However, the Venetian Macau was built with larger proportions. For any online casino fan who has yet to experience a world casino, this is definitely one to consider. The Venetian Macau offers a great variety of casino games. In fact, it has more tables as well as table games than other casinos. There are many different poker casino games which can be found at the Venetian Macau. One of these includes a game referred to as Sands Stud Poker. This game is similar to the online casino game of Caribbean poker.

Casino Hotel in Venetian Macau

The major difference with the variation played at the Macau casino is that the side bet is varied. Typically, the side bet is $25 when playing Caribbean poker at an online casino like the ones in However, with the  Venetian Macau’s version players may opt for other bets including $50,  $75, $100 or $125. Before visiting the Venetian Macau, one can hone their skills are playing Caribbean poker online or with friends. This version of stud poker is similar to blackjack in that players are competing against the dealer rather than the other players at the table. Therefore, certain strategies typically used in poker are not applicable in Caribbean poker. For  instance, bluffing would be a waste in this version of poker. For this reason, Caribbean poker is ideal for playing in a friendlier environment where bluffing isn’t needed.

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