Fuji Q Highlands Theme Park in Japan

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A major section of global audience love to frequent amusement parks that offer complete delight and ecstasy with a secure taste of adventure that even children can enjoy, then the Fuji Q Highlands,   located at the base of the innate magnificence of Mt.Fuji  in Fujiyoshida, fits the bill perfectly.

fujiq haunted hospitalThis sprawling 124-acre theme park that lies outside Tokyo is a speedster and adrenaline junkie paradise with a wide array of 33 rides to bring out the beast in you. For a complete 4D zonked roller coaster ride, hop on to the Eejanaika, which is the second in line globally to offer such an experience. Take a heart retching ride at 172 km/hr, on the swiftest and precipitous coaster ride worldwide called the Dodonpa. The ‘Fujiyama’, the epitome of coaster hell, famed for its steepest drop from height of 230feet at a 65 degree angle proffers breathtaking views of the gorgeous Mt.Fuji while fraying many a nerves. For a complete soak experience through 18 vertically suspended meters of snaky tracks, jump aboard the adventurous Nagashimasuka coaster ride. The Do-Dom-Pa coaster ride that free falls at speeds of up to 172km/hr in less than 2 seconds is a must-visit for the thrill seeker. The 2km Mouse ride for toddlers, is worth taking.

Fuji Q Highlands is believed to have the largest haunted house globally. The Kitaro Haunted House is to be visited to get a feel of eeriness. Get ready for some knee jerking sights of weird creatures, blood thirsty felons, and dark settings of deserted asylums, factories, crazed zombies, spooky hayrides and walk paths. A trip to this place near Halloween is a jerk to all the senses with coffers, spooky settings with state-of-the-art sound, light and art forms to definitely knock the socks off many a patrons who claim to be dare-devils.

fujiyamaKids can get cosy and restful with Thomas and his pals at The Thomas Land, which was the hobbyhorse of Fujikyu Company’s proprietor. A popular attraction is the Thomas Tank Engine, the wide array of crazy Thomas memorabilia available and the splendid rides of Edward, Harry and other comic characters. During Christmas one can skate through the huge sprawling areas of the two lovely skating rinks. Great attention to detail is evident in the high seating and potty settings in bathrooms specially done for kiddie comfort. Children can have a whale of a time on the mesmerising carousel rides, Ferris wheel lit with magnificent lighting and beautiful paddle boats. Race mongers can indulge in skid racing, bumper cars, suspended bike tracks and go-karting. Amazing food fare comprising of Continental and Japanese is available at pocket-friendly budgets in the park.

Enjoy a game of golf at the nearby Mt.Fuji Golf Course, numerous up-to-the mark tennis areas, or enjoy a stroll around the awe-inspiring Lake Kawaguchiko or hop on a boat in Lake Ashi to enjoy the picturesque backdrops.

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    The rides I found just average but overall a nice place to spend an afternoon. Fuji Q have pretty fun TV commercials too http://www.japansugoi.com/wordpress/fuji-q-highland-tvcm/

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