Frozen River Ladakh Trek

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While in Ladakh you should enjoy the pleasures of adventure and thrill here and just bask in the glory of the pristine surroundings of this virgin land. The absolute beauty of the Zanskar range is something seen to be believed and with the unbelievably sub zero temperatures here the entire place seems to be tailor made for a nature lover and an adventure enthusiast. While you go up the region of Zanskar enjoy the absolute pleasure of getting the best of travel pleasures and exciting adventures.

It should be remembered that this is a very strenuous and physically tiring trek so make sure that you are physically and mentally tuned to undertake this trek. There are two routes that are covered here in the Frozen River Trek. One is the Chilling Lingshed Chilling Trek and the other is the Chilling Karsha Chilling Trek.

Frozen River Ladakh Trek
The chilling Lingshed Chilling Trek is a trek of around 15 days and covers the regions of Leh, Ladakh, and the Tibetan Camp , passes the region of Phyang and then Alchi then reaching Ridzong and then Lamayuru and lastly reaches Likir .

After going round the Leh region the entire ambience seems to beckon the tourist to get geared for some of the best experiences. Leh gets you adjusted to the trek that is going to come and thus you would surely enjoy the Namgyal palace and the Potala Palace which is so much a part of the region. Then there is the Shanker Monastery and the Dukar figure or the Avalokiteswara which are all fascinating sights here.

The next day you would go round the Spituk and the Phyang Monasteries which have been built in the 15th and the 16th centuries. Then there is the festival of Tseruk which is a great spectacle of masked dancers who set the entire atmosphere of revelry and celebration. The Dalai Lama is the head of the Spituk monastery. With the tiered buildings and courtyards there is a beautiful collection of Jelbagh masks.

Spituk Phyang Monasteries

The next day sees you going to Chilling by jeep and this is a lovely region lying on the banks of the River Zanskar. There are lot of handicrafts here ad the Chilling artisans are ones with the best kind of works with metals like silver, tin and copper.

River Zanskar
This experience would be followed by the Darbau trek which takes you to the land of Darbau. Here is where you would get to see the best scenes of the frozen waterfalls. This is a place where you can have lunch at the Tilat Sumdo which lies at the confluence of the Tsarap Chhu. There is a cave next to it. This is the Zanskar Valley which is very secluded in these valleys of the Trans Himalayas.

Frozen waterfalls
Then there is the Tip Yokma where you get the best sights of the Chhumchhar Waterfall. This is a great site for camping and get the best experiences of the morning chill and the ideal scenic sights. The environment here is so harsh and the absolute wilderness here make a great home for the goats, sheep and the yak. The biting icy winds make the place so cold and chilly and the tourists who don’t mind this, enjoy the entire trek here.

Then you can go through the Lingshed do and the frozen river here is a lovely sight with the juniper forest and the plunging canyons and the fascinating scenes of the majestic cliffs . Then you would reach the village of Nyrak.

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