Freebie Holiday Spots Around The World

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If and when you do discover a discount or two while on a vacation, it is bound to put a smile on your face. But what about tracking down destinations that will not need you to pay a single dime! It may never get more satisfying that that now, would it?

Have a look at some of these options that we have put together for you!

High Line, New York:

NYC has managed to turn an elevated train track that had been unused for decades now into a public park. The elevated track is now known as High Line. It was originally built on what was the West Side of New York in the 1930s and its purpose was to keep the freight trains off the streets of the city. Now it has been converted into a 30 footer structure which is lined with wild geraniums and maple trees. It gives you a wonderful viewpoint to take in some of New York’s most iconic sights.

New york high line

US National Parks:

The U.S. National Park system is known to waiver its fees a couple of times in the year. In the case of New York’s Adirondack National park, the autumn foliage makes for a lovely sight during the last two weeks of September.  September is also the mating season for the elks and you could play witness to some mating rituals if you visit Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park.

US National Parks

Smithsonian Museums, Washington:

There is a very good reason why the capital of the nation remains to be one vibrant center when it comes to culture and arts.  There are somewhere around 19 Smithsonian galleries and museums that are located here; and of them a good 17 are in Washington D.C. This year is the centennial year for the Museum of Natural History and you could witness some special exhibitions which would look into the Museum’s history and evolution.

Smithsonian Museums

The Getty Center, Los Angeles:

The Getty Center is known to be credited with helping out Los Angeles become a highbrow cultural capital. The impressive buildings made of travertine marble have been known for their sweeping views of a lot of sights including the Los Angeles basin.  These hold a remarkable collection of some European Art; and the admission is generally free. You may have to shell out a little for the parking, though.

Getty Center

Aruba Aloe Factory, Oranjestad, Aruba:

The native aloe variety can be found all over this island. You could take a tour through what is a state-of-the-art Aruba Aloe Factory and get a chance at seeing the production processes for yourself. Right from harvesting the raw aloe vera leaves to the making of the processing of the finished product; stand witness.

Aruba Aloe Factory

Tijuca National Park, Rio de Janeiro:

This sublime site of about 12 square miles is known to come in as the largest National Park in the urban world. It is home to almost a hundred different species of wildlife and plants. While in Tijuca, do not miss the Cascatinha Waterfall which comes up to a measure of above 100 feet high. The Pico da Tijuca, at 3350 feet, is said to be the highest peak in the Tijuca National Park region.

Cascatinha Waterfall

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