Fish River Canyon

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Hiking the canyon

Renowned as paradise for hikers, the canyon is located in Namibia and is the world’s second largest canyon. The Fish River itself is the longest river in Namibia with its length being 650 kilometers. It moves to South-West of Ai-Ais into the Oranje from the eastern Naukluft Mountains.  Around 550- metres deep canyon came into existence some 500 million years back. One of the most visited tourist attractions; the canyon commences from Seeheim and concludes its journey at Ai-Ais. The River water is stopped in Mariental’s Hardap by dam hence, the water flow has relatively slowed down. The River gets dried up during wintry dry days. However, the rainy season most of the times bring floods into the River. Part and parcel of a Nature Conservation Park, the canyon vicinity will let you take a look at the creation of some old rocks.

Fish River Canyon Namibia


Namibia canyon wildlifeYou will be able to take a look at many animal and bird species around the canyon. The animals include Zebra, wild horses, Leopard, Springbok, among others. The bird species consist of fish Eagles, Black Eagles, Pelicans, andKingfishers. One can easily see the rats roaming around the surroundings. Species like lizards, many types of snakes, fish, and butterflies are also noticed there.


You can take close glance of Quiver Tree, Nambia’s National tree in the vicinity. However, think twice before touching the nearby plants as it also contains poisonous plant like Melkbos.

Hiking the trail

The notorious hiking spot in South Africa, one has to attain the path of around 85 kilometers from Hobas to Ai-Ais to reach the destination. The hike is only allowed during winter season and the summer season is left out of the activity. A breathtaking experience however, should not be attempted by the beginners. The hike continues for about five days and could be carried on only after prior permission from the Windhoek’s Namibia Wildlife Resorts. However, if you are searching for any facilities during the session than your assumptions totally falls short as no amenities are available.

Hiking the trail


Swimming in the River
Sightseeing of the canyon
Take feel the desert

Reaching there

Air facility

You can be there from the Windhoek International Airport. However, the vicinity even provides landing facilities for the private planes. The airstrips where you could land your charter planes are located at its Canyon Nature Park, Ai-Ais, Keetmanshoop, and  Seeheim.

Car facility

You can hire car from the Northern part as well as Southern part of the city.

From Southern section, you can go by car from Karasburg to Fish River Canyon and another route being from Keetmanshoop to Ai-Ais.

In the Northern section, you can take the route of Keetmanshoop or Lüderitz.

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