Fascinating Tales from The Lost Pyramids of China

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Popular for the growth and fall of many dynasties, China has a legacy of its own. There have been many who have immortalized themselves with the cultural and military achievements, and have thus made this land a great region with ideal travel attractions.

The great pyramids in China thus are witness to all the achievements and thus this region of “Valley of Kings” is a great place to see and an ideal locale to visit. These huge mausoleums which were built by the early emperors in China with belief that they would live here forever in the grave and thus needed to bring forth their lives on earth within the tombs.

Lost Pyramids of China
The initial tombs were constructed by Qin Shihuangdi the first emperor of China and they are very magnificent and splendid. Then in 221 BC the emperor united all the kingdoms of war got amalgamated into a nation that till today exists and he thus built one of the biggest complexes of mortuary that has ever been built in the world today.

There were great riches that were buried and today this man made necropolis has not been excavated. The first emperor did not give any expense to create the tomb. Very sadly many  human lives were sacrificed and the tomb workers all died due to lack of nutrition, being overworked and due to being ill treated. This brought down the Qin Dynasty of China. The archaeologists today read the sad story of how they suffered from the bones that have been excavated.

Lost Pyramids of China
Then came the Han dynasty which was very successful in building huge tombs and stayed on the throne. These tombs are seen aligned in near the place of the ancient city which was the capital city. This is somewhere near the modern Xian. Nothing has been excavated but the burial pits have been opened near one of the imperial tombs which show how the Han emperors took all that they needed in their life

None of the tombs of Emperor Han have been opened till now and the fact that the tombs of the lesser aristocrat of the Han dynasty show a lot of underground palaces, toilets and kitchen show that at least one corpse is so well preserved leads us to believe that the tomb builders were aware that the Han people knew how to manoevre mortality and also how to wrap the tombs in the layers of clay and charcoal and how to keep out air and water.

Tomb robbers were also not easy to handle. There were many tombs that were robbed and these left the Tang Dynasty to design their tombs in a different manner. So the simple shaft tombs were tunneled into small mountains. They also filled with small items of inexpensive value and reproduced the afterlife which was considered to be perfect.

Lost Pyramids of China
For many years these tombs were totally sealed but the archaeological evidence available proves that there is a lovely glimpse of what these pyramids would have been like during the golden age of China. Returning to the former glory is a very slow process and the secrets that these have been hidden for many years may not be known for many years to come.

These tower over some of the most serene settings in rural regions of china. These gigantic man made mountains hold the clues to a history that was very violent and which was unimaginable in these lovely surroundings. These pyramids of an era that had a lot of bloodshed and also battles. There were lot of kingdoms which warred against each other in a struggle that extended over generations.

The astonishing wealth of the tombs is a force to reckon with. This is a burial ground and is the place where you get the see the lost culture of China. The lovely architecture and the serene surroundings of the place lend beauty to the eye and the tourist certainly comes back with a lot of travel memories and tour pleasures.

Lost Pyramids of China

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