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Come to the lovely land of magnificent ruins and get to see the best sights of the past. Come here and see the Mayan ruins here and experience the pleasures of the best ruins and come back with magical tales. This is where you get to see the most ancient ruins, and let your imagination go riot. Here is where your fantasy ends and where you get the best visual delights of a past era that existed here. Walk along the jungle region here and feel the pleasures of being in Lubaantun the lovely ruin delight her. Visit Belize in the central part of America, there are a lot of reasons why you would be able to connect with this ancient land filled with the best travel sights. This is a Mayan city which is situated between 730AD and 860 AD and is a region where more than 1000 people have been exiting since the time the area has been exploited. Come here and see the most fascinating rocks, granite and limestone.

The entry to the Lubaantun ruins is totally filled with the sights of young girls and women trying to entice the tourists who would love to buy the beautiful ornaments, the delicate handmade baskets and also the best of embroidered tea towels.

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The 1300 year old ruins of the Mayan civilization are just a walk away. Lubaantun is a ruined city of the pre Columbian times and is located in the southern Belize and has some of the most fascinating features of beautiful ceramic objects. The structures here are largely built of stone blocks which are large and have no mortar

There are many structures that have a distinctive type of masonry and each tier has been built with a kind of batter and each structure having projections. The corners of the step pyramids usually are rounded and they do not have structures of stone on top of the pyramids.

The main centre of this area is the raised platform that is found between two rivers. The name Lubaantun means the “place of fallen stones.It is mainly popular for the unique constructional pattern. The structures are all made of blocks of limestone. The strength of the structure predominantly is in the hand cut stone which has been so placed that it fits snugly into the adjacent block.

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Today Lubaantun is a ceremonial centre that has stood the test of time and is a mortar less beauty. There are eleven structures and these large blocks are found over the five major plazas and the ball courts. There are three ball courts. The structures are all solid and do not have any doorway or entry points. The rounded structures are another major feature and the place does not have any arches. It is said that the materials that were used to build these structures are materials like thatch and wood. It is said that these ruins were basically regions which were used as a religious, political, administrative and commercial centre. No one has found any steel here and the site is very popular for the manner in which there are lot of whistle figurines made of ceramic. Many burial tombs are also present.

The crystal skull is a very important feature here. It was discovered sometime in the year 1926 by a female Anna Mitchell Hedges who was the daughter of a great archaeologist F. Mitchell Hedges. She was on an expedition during her 17th birthday and found this absolutely ancient and well shaped human skull. It was carved from a cube of rock measuring 8 inches and is in the possession of Anna who today lives in Canada. The manner in which the skull is found and its origin is still not known.

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Located on a tall ridge that is located above a valley and that is cut by the River Columbia, this is a lovely place to visit in Belize. There are beautiful sights of the past civilization here and it is a great way one can spend tours to this part of the world. Come here and bask in the pleasures of a better land in the past.

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