Exploring the Adventure City of Anaheim, California

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If you are in California with your family, you should never miss visiting the Adventure City, a theme park situated in Anaheim (in the Hobby City complex). The park occupies more than 2 acres of land and was built by spending a whopping $4 million. Adventure city allures around 400,000 visitors every year to dedicate some hours during their California tour to this theme park. Some big names are associated with this California Based theme park; one of the biggest sponsors of the park is Coca Cola Company.

The major attractions of the park are the range of rides available here. The most popular ones include:

  • Rescue 911 : This ride include themed vehicles that resemble the traits of ambulances, police cars, fire trucks etc. These vehicles run on guided tracks.

  • Drop zone : This ride can be best described as the ride involving a tower drop.

  • Barnstormer ride : The ride on a spinning airplane
  • The City Express trains : This ride was built in the year 1938; it used to the primary attraction of Hobby City (the predecessor of Adventure City). The ride was so popular that even after the formation of Adventure City, the management of the new theme park could not ignore its fame and incorporated it into their new setup.

Other than the rides, the theme park also houses a number of attractions for kids. There’s a children’s theater that shows educational presentations. You will get to enjoy live shows of different forms including puppet shows at this outdoor theater. The children will also get to enjoy rock climbing at the climbing tower of the theme park, the Mount Adventurous. Besides all these, the Adventure City has an arcade, a petting farm and may more fun options.

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