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Think of Innsbruck as a city frozen in flux and you might begin to understand it much better. The cobbled streets with the charming skyline offer up a dazzling view of the Alpine skyline, and this is what they must have been thinking when they came up with the phrase, “pretty as a picture’. Perfection is a bit hard to achieve, but Innsbruck really is pictorial perfection achieved. The medieval lanes of the Austrian city, famed for its winter sports, is as modern or as old-world as you like it to be and there is so much more to it than just pigeonholing it as yet another ski destination on a map.

Innsbruck City Tour

Of course, the fact that it is Austria’s only major urbanized city with the Alps looming large is a real calling card in itself, but we’d like to imagine that browsing through museums, traversing mountains and bar-hopping was never before so conveniently rolled into one little package. Hosting the Winter Olympics was a major boost to the profile of the area, but it has a lot more historical significance than just that and its architecture alone – a delightful hybrid of Gothic and Baroque – disarms any thoughts you might have had about the city being pretentious in the slightest. Yes, the city has a silent air of bravura about it. Yes, it is refreshingly progressive while rooted in its essence strongly. And yes, the city is world-class in its own right while boasting citizens that are wholly friendly. It is a heady cocktail for anyone to consume.

Innsbruck Austria tourism

Make no mistake about it though; the Alps are the star attraction of Innsbruck which is merely a means to an end eventually. Creeping up on you when you least expect it and playing peek-a-boo in the glass façades of new age buildings, it is hard to resist taking a snapshot of the world-famous peaks. The passing years have not dulled the appeal of the mountains in the slightest, and a large part of that can be put down to Innsbruck’s student population (the third largest in Austria) that sees the city pulsating with life at any given time. It makes you wonder what sort of attendance rates educational institutions in Innsbruck would be boasting, but as long as no student partakes in too much of the nightlife there shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

A visit to the quaint Old Town is an absolute must jus    t to view the medieval houses. The old world charm of the city remains intact as you pass through the Herzog-Friedrich-Strasse onto a central plaza housing one of Innsbruck’s most famous attractions, the Golden Roof (Goldenes Dachl). Built under the reign of Maximilian I, the roof is a classic example of the ostentatious nature of the ruler himself. The shingles lining the royal balcony were made of copper entirely, but were ordered to be plated with gold as a special consideration for the people of Innsbruck. So expensive was the entire affair that it forced the Emperor to take out a loan to fund his exercise in lavishness.

Innsbruck skiing

In case you’re not feeling as rich yourself and want to indulge in something more down to-earth, nothing could be more perfect than going on a hike. The Innsbruck Tourist Board organizes several scenic walks and there is no set route. Instead, you are offered a range of options to choose from and nothing could be more perfect. Like the city itself, everything here is versatile and you will surely find something or the other that tickles your fancy.

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  1. marshal says:

    I think providing little more information about the culture of the place would enhance the article.
    .-= marshal´s last blog ..Paris =-.

  2. ted says:

    hey what time is the best to visit the Innsbruck…can you lemme know about the climatic conditions there, just to have an idea of what to carry there when travelling
    .-= ted´s last blog ..Paris =-.

  3. ted says:

    hey!! i have heard a lot about the sky jumping stadium there…have you heard about it from locals there???if so, can u provide me with some information on that.
    .-= ted´s last blog ..Paris =-.

  4. Alex Rabe says:

    Innsbruck is superb for skiing in winter and mountaineering in summer..The winters are really cold here,colder than the most of Europe and the summers are pretty much unpredictable..
    The historic buildings, the friendly ambience and the extensive sport facilities both in winter and in summer make Innsbruck a beautiful town centre.

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