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Tourists looking forward for taking a break from the routine hustle and bustle of daily lives and seeking a tranquil spot, I have good news for you all. I have a destination which is an entity of its own kind. Serene ambiances, kindness, down-to-earth are namely few terms describing this enchanting spot. I think it is the perfect time to unleash the spot’s name as it seems that the heat has started igniting within. Concealed in isolation in the South Pacific Island, the simplistic hamlet of Yelapa, close to Puerto Vallarta is an idyllic town worth visiting. The bucolic little town of Yelapa is an ideal eco-friendly tourist destination. Simplistic and naïve charm adorns this spot, in fact Yelapa is a pastoral countryside, that got the illumination of electric power in the last decade only.

Tour to fishing hamlet of Yelapa

As we are already familiar with the fact that Yelapa is a small rustic town, which witnessed evolutionary development recently in the power sector. Similar is the case in its transportation system, this town doesn’t possess any cars or roads. It has become accessible to the outsiders in recent times by a car. One can reach here by catching a two to three hour drive from Puerto Vallarta by passing through the jagged roads of mountains. However, there is another option for accessing Yelapa, that is comparatively easy than the earlier one. The easier way is to aboard a 45 minute ride by water taxi or chartered boat from Puerto Vallarta. From here, you can grab spectacular views of the city, which is bequeathed a picture perfect background by the Sierra Madre Mountains.

yelapa waterfallBut, every challenged faced is worth as you get an opportunity to come across a truly innate spot. Yelapa is a straight-forward town whose locals possess a crystal-clear heart. The indigenous people live a simplistic life and sometimes, you can notice them walking barefooted. Their way of living is also as simple as that, i.e. the villagers earn their daily bread and butter by fabricating and selling handicrafts, fishing, operating shops in front of their houses and tourism. Tourism is a flourishing sector because Mother Nature has magnanimously bestowed a splendid and authentic nature. The cascading waterfalls have spelled its magic successfully over the huge tourist swarms. Stunning waterfalls have magnetized tourists to come here. Yelapa’s natural waterfall pours down from over 150 feet into a small swimming hole. It is a perfect spot for chilling-out from the scorching Mexican sun.

Due to sheer mountain inclinations and lack of roads, navigating from one place to another is a tough challenge however, not impossible. This opens way for exploring adventures as travelers can access waterfalls through a 15 minute hike atop the hill or hiring a mule. Following the mountain trails, you will have to walk over the cobblestone steps that lead to the waterfall. In the midst of the way, you will come across innumerable shops run by the indigenous people comprising that of Javier Rodriguez.

The reason behind the special honorary mention of Javier’s shop is his shop’s antiquity and uniqueness. Javier has been operating this shop since the last 40 years and engraving handicrafts from rosewood. He has learnt this unique form of art from his father. While you move in his workshop, you can figure out the earnest attempts and hard work he puts in his handicrafts, by noticing the dust lying in his workshop’s floor. He has put his artistic work at display on tables such as jewelry boxes, mortar and pastels, bracelets, and other extraordinary pieces. Also, you can taste local concocted ‘raicilla’- a Mexican moonshine version (which is low refined tequila sort of drink), if you buy any pieces from the workshop.

Cherish the perks of Yelapa- ‘Pie lady’ and ‘Iguana boys’

The beach of Yelapa not only renders great opportunity for tremendous fun and frolic, but also offers fine option for dining over lip-smacking delicacies. The Pie lady is quite popular as Yelapa’s another tourist attraction. The lady’s real name is Chelly Pay and this lady has been serving delectable pies, from last 20 years. You can pick anything from the comprehensive options like chocolate, lemon meringue, coconut, cream cheese and banana. I tried the luscious lemon meringue and its yummy taste made me fall in love with it. The delicacy is truly toothsome; “I have never eaten such tasty dish in my life ever” were the words which poured out after eating lemon meringue.

Yelapa Beach
Chelly prepares such yummy dishes from her mom’s recipes. Today, Chelly has become a popular ideal in the town of Yelapa, that is more famous than the town’s natural attraction i.e. waterfall. Unbelievable! But it is true, because of her flourishing popularity many other women in the town imposter her and try to cash up from her fame. So, make sure,Iguana boys you get here and take bites of her handmade delicacies. After eating them, you will surely not want to leave this spot.

Other tourist attraction grabbing the limelight in Yelapa’s town is the ‘iguana boys.’ The men or teenagers carry their iguanas and solicit visitors to take photo of or with their scaly textured iguanas. This attraction makes a quirky attraction of Yelapa, so don’t miss to snap some photos with iguana. It is a real Mexican experience.

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  1. Mac says:

    Wonderful destination for those who love Journey to various places…Yalapa serves what it possess…worth visiting

  2. Luciano says:

    Not that fascinating as there is a list places like this..what’s special in this??

  3. Charlie says:

    I enjoyed in Yelapa with my friends..we reached there by a boat taxi…awesome experience..we also hiked up to the water fall which is so huge..taking a dip into the water is unbearable as it is so cool

  4. Martin says:

    Almost no options to travel there ..you will get a boat taxi or something…route is by water..not mesmerizing enough as I thought earlier… but water traveling is great

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