Exotic Diamond Beaches Of Malibu

North America | | June 22, 2009 at 7:21 am


malibu beach californiaLike precious gems scattered along the pristine settings of Malibu, the celeb-dotted celestial abodes of the likes of Bruce Willis, Brangelina, Sting, Sean Pean, Michael Jackson, Goldie Hawn, Jennifer Aniston, Cher, Pierce Brosnon to site a few of them who line the splendid Carbon a.k.a Millionaire beach, where it is quite usual to own a million or two. David Arquette’s space age inspired abode at Carbon beach has be spotted in several flicks of Charlie’s Angels, Diamonds are Forever to name a few.

One can go shopping at the Malibu Plaza, an eye-catching place with beautiful architecture or grab a quick bite at the Malibu County Mart or the numerous chichi outlets with celeb sightings a daily affair. Enjoy a day in the sun with beautiful landscapes at the Pepperdine Campus, enjoy a game of beach ball with zuma beach californiaamazing views of innate bombshells in the Zuma Beach or enjoy a bite and drink at the ritzy Geoffrey’s Malibu or just chill out at Carbon Beach Club at the Malibu Beach Inn for great fun, food and star fare. The south Malibu has the magnificent Getty Villa which has an impressive auditorium that stages several stage performances, huge cafe area and art aficionados’ paradise with awesome display of art forms belonging to the Roman and Greek era.

Malibu’s charming coastline speckled with surfers, paparazzi, celebs, bathing beach beauties and several hidden beaches off the Pacific Coastline definitely makes it an appealing destination. The Broad Beach in western Malibu which is discretely located west of Zuma Beach is a beach monger’s paradise with serene settings with several affluent celeb property owners having their spanky homes situated there, where one has to watch their step as there are many ‘no-trespassings’ escondidobeach shoresigns along the area.

Another island with exquisite discreetness is the Lechuza Beach with its miniature sand beach with scenic coastal protrusions and shoreline kelp vegetation. The Escondido beach which is narrow beach stretch that extends from the Escondido Beach Road way up to the famed Geoffrey’s Restaurant, is a major kayaking paradise among many. One can undertake kayaking way up to the popular Paradise Cove Cafe for some scrumptious meals.

The magnificence of sun-kissed sands, crystal blue-hued waters, great hangout joints and the amazing crowds in two-pieces is sure to set many a hearts aflutter and keep the spirits going high.

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    Thanks for all of the great info! I’ve been to Malibu many times but have never heard of Lechuza Beach.. I will definitely check it out!

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