Exciting Arunachal Pradesh Treks at Bomdila

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Arunachal Pradesh is the northeastern beauty of India and lies in the most pristine surroundings of the country. With many ascents and descents, adventure destinations in Arunachal Pradesh come with a great package of fun, excitement and thrill. Amongst the very many famous trekking destinations here in Arunachal Pradesh, the Bomdila region comes as a great favourite of any trekking  enthusiast and a great travel delight for any nature lover.

The Bomdila trek from Bomdila to Dirang is a thrilling fun filled experience and any trek lover would not hesitate to undertake this trek in this part of India. There is a youth hostel at Bomdila which gives accommodation so there is no problem of any accommodation facility.


The Trek

At Bomdila which is at a height of 2440 m, take the bridle path on the northern side and leave the metal road behind. Cross this road and you would reach a place called Rahung which is at a height of 1500m. Here you would go further north and finally reach a lovely stream that gurgles below a bridge. Then there is a ridge that you would climb and you would reach a place called Thebang which is at an altitude of around 2150m. This is around 7 km from the stream. The path continues with absolute pleasures and thrill that you would never have expected and then you would reach a place called Pangma.

At Pangma, there is a climb up and the next halt would be at Lagam. Here you would camp at the camping ground and as you leave Lagam, the path would go up a ridge. At the top of the ridge you would go westwards and reach the Saori La . This region at an altitude of 3225 m is filled with the best scenic sights and the greatest travel pleasures. The path curves to the south at the top of the Saori La and then as you go down the crest of this lovely ridge you would cross Chandar . You would be at an altitude of 3013m and then take a descent and reach a height of 2000m . This is Namsu. With the best travel delights and the most befitting trekking ambience, the next halt would be across the ridge to reach Khalibok at 3015m. Descend down to Sangti and then head southwards here and you would greeted by a lovely stream. Walk down to Dirang from where you could take a bus back to Bomdila.

Trekking in the state of Arunachal Pradesh gives the most fascinating experiences and often people come back with memorable tales. A great destination for other activities like river rafting and angling, this is one trek which fills the person with a lot of inspiration to undertake more such treks.

Bomdila trekking Bomdila river rafting

Tipi Orchidarium

Tipi Orchidarium is one beautiful regions that you would get to see as you are on a trek to Arunachal Pradesh and while you are on the Bomdila trek. This orchidarium is a place which gives the sights of the best varieties of orchids that grow abundantly here. Here you would get to see some of the rarest kinds. In the Orchid Research Centre scientists have crated great varieties of the hybrid nature and have used the latest kinds of biotechnology. This is also a place where you can indulge in angling in the River Kameng. A  perfect rafting zone, this is a fishing hub and has the best kind of mahseer fish which is very much in abundance in the River Jia Bhorali. This is a branch of the River Kameng.

Tipi Orchidarium

There are buses that are available from Bomdila which is also the headquarters of the West Kameng District.

With the best sights of the greenery around and the most pleasant experiences of the wildlife and the flora and other avifauna, the Bomdila Dirang trek in Arunachal Pradesh is a one stop travel delight in Arunachal adventures.

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