Everland Resort: The Biggest Theme Park of South Korea

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The Everland Resort is located in South Korea’s Gyeonggi-do province, in a city called Yongin. It is the country’s biggest theme park playing host to more than 8.5 million visitors every year. Besides the major attractions, this theme park also houses a water park and a zoo. Below, we have discussed about the 5 zones of the amusement park:

Everland Resort

Global Fair:

The area of the park named Global Fair is mainly an eating zone. Other than that, the region also houses shops selling pictures and souvenirs. Global Fair in located just adjacent to the park’s entrance. Here, you can also hire services like lockers and stroller rentals.

Global Fair


This portion of the Everland Resort is constructed based on animal theme. Zoo-Topia is home to the parks petting zoo. During your visit to this part of the park, you will get the opportunity of witnessing animal shows and taking park in pony rides. The small zoo housed by Zoo-Topia has animal species like sea lions, polar bears, tigers, bears, primates and penguins. The petting zoo, on the other hand, has animals like sheep and goats for petting.

Polar Bears at Zoo-Topia Tiger at Zoo-Topia Zoo-Topia

European Adventure:

This part of the theme park is famous for being home to a number of European style restaurants. The architecture of each of these restaurants imitates ancient European styles. European Adventure is also home to the theme park’s flower garden, which is surrounded by games, arcades and a train. One of the most popular attractions of this region is Mystery Mansion; here, you will get the opportunity of shooting at ghosts.

Mystery Mansion

Magic Land:

Majority of the exciting rides of Everland Resort is present in the Magic Land. The most celebrated rides of Magic land are: the futuristic flying ride, the robot ride and the log ride. Besides these, this segment also has several stands and restaurants.

Magic land Magic land

American Adventure:

This portion of Everland Resort is created based on the themes related to American history.

American Adventure

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