Europa Park in Black Forest, Germany

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Black Forest is a region located in the southwestern territories of Germany. It is one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the country. Besides housing several opportunities of family activities and entertainment, Black Forest is also home to one of the biggest amusement parks of the world, the Europa Park.

Europa Park is primarily famous for the exciting rides like ‘Silver Star’, ‘Eurostat’ and several other thrilling roller coasters. You may belong to any age group this German amusement park has rides suiting your ability and likings. Here, you will get the chance of experiencing Scandinavian rafting, breathtaking Greek Poseidon rides and many such others. Some other wild rides housed by Europa Park are: ‘Euro-Mir’, ‘Alpine Coaster’ and ‘Crazy Taxi’.

Europa Park

Europa Park rides Europa Park rides

Being one of the largest amusement parks of the world, the Europa Park has several hundreds of rides scattered all through its landscape. The park covers a total area of 160 acres and has segments dedicated to all the major European countries for instance France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Portugal and Scandinavia. Each of these segments boasts shows and rides designed based on the history, culture and landmarks of the country to which it has been dedicated.

Europa Park Germany

Similar to its international theme followed when it comes to its shows and rides, the dining options available at the Europa Park is also of international standards. You can plan taking meal at Bamboo Baai, a restaurant serving noodles, rice and vegetables cooked in Asian style. The restaurant called Antica Roma, on the other hand serves authentic Italian dishes. If you want to have a sip of beer along with lip smacking snacks like roasted chicken, the ideal place to visit is Europa Park’s Bavarian Beer Garden.

Europa Park

This German theme park owns a train called Europa Park Express; this train takes visitors to different corners of the park. Majority of the attractions housed by this park have train stations of their own; so, commuting to different parts of Europa Park becomes absolutely easy.

Europa Park

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