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grand-canyon-skywalk1The Grand Canyon symbolizes the ultimate travel destination in America.  It is situated 3.5 hours from Las Vegas to the Canyon County The Grand Canyon is an enormous rift in the Plateau of Colorado which  compels even the most jaded traveler to pause and draw breath. It shows one of the six well-known physiographic sections of the Colorado Plateau province. Along the floor of Grand Canyon flows the Colorado River which covers around 277 miles.

The Grand Canyon is geologically famous because of the thick sequence of ancient rocks majestically preserved and exposed in the walls of the canyon. The overwhelming size as well as obscured and colorful landscape attracts a lot of tourists.

The national park in Grand Canyon was founded by President Theodore Roosevelt as Grand Canyon Monument in 1908 and it later became a national park in 1919. This park stresses on the superlative sight of landscapes that are on offer.

There are two routes to reach this esteemed destination, you can choose to Grand Canyon travel through the remote area which is the North Rim or choose the more accessible route the South Rim. The two rims of the Grand Canyon offer quite different experiences and, as they lie more than 200 miles apart by road. The north rim is at an 8200ft elevation and hence offers cooler temperatures support wildflower meadows and tall, thick stands of aspen and spruce. However the south rim is the most popular route that is chosen by the tourist because of the easy access, the bulk of services and the panoramic vistas which are offered.

While you travel from the south rim you will come across The Buckey O’ Neil Cabin, the longest standing structure in the South Rim which was built in 1890 by William Owen O’ Neil because of the copper deposit nearby. There are several historical sights mostly located in the Grand Canyon Village which you can explore.You can also visit the Kolb Studio which serves as an art gallery and exhibits showing the inspiring power of the Grand Canyon.

At grand canyon you can engage yourself in a lot of activities like hiking, trekking or stroll along the portion of the rim trail to take delight at the scenic views, while strolling on the way, you will have the opportunity to see few of the animals living in the Grand Canyon like deer, elk, big horn sheep and the endangered California condor soaring in the ostensibly primeval sky. You can also book your show at the National Geographic IMAX Theater outside of the park in Tusayan and watch the presentation of “Grand Canyon the Hidden Secrets”.

If you wish to get a wonderful adventure, and enjoy the landscape don’t hesitate anymore, head toward Grand Canyon and explore it. It is a gift from the past generation and should be preserved for the future like our ancestors did it for us.

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