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puntingThose who prefer leisurely pursuits then engaging in punting is the best option. No place better than Cambridge is the ideal destination with its fine history, majestic elaborately designed college structures and chapels found frequently at every corner. Cambridge and the adjacent area have an unsurpassed repute as centre par brilliance in education and locales. Cambridge is unanimously associated with enthralling sights of the spring blossom inundated Backs, the King’s College Chapel and the ideal unwinding destination would be to engage in punting on the Cam river.

Lounge on the Edwardian era punts that are flat based wooden boats driven by elongated, wooden rods commencing one’s journey at Madgalen Bridge or the Mill punting up the quaint Granchester village or slither alongside the River Cam that extends past nine bridges and behind the Backs.

punting on the avonThe relaxing activity of punting has become incredibly popular among tourists that are undertaken on numerous rivers of famed tourist destinations some of them including the Avon river in Bath, the Cam River located in Cambridge , the Cherwell & Isis river situated in Oxford , the Stratford situated on Avon and Thames river close to Sunbury.

Though pleasure punting first started on Thames but after being commenced in Cambridge garnered significant popularity with Cam having the maximum number of punts in comparison to any river in England. The shallow, pebbly Cam River is perfect for punting as its winds through the core of Cambridge town while making its way through splendid educational buildings. Many tourists opt for the tranquil settings on the river located over the weir, Granta Place.

EnglandApart from the just surrounding area of the Magdalen Bridge, pleasure punting through Oxford is a serenading and rustic experience with major part of the punting undertaken on the Cherwell River that surges through Oxford’s cared for green strip comprising of grasslands and wooded areas prior to meeting the Thames.

The Thames that passes beneath Folly Bridge is quite pleasurable. The finest punting in Oxford is that undertaken on the Isis along the Port Meadow, where the river stretch has eye-catching vistas.

One can enjoy punting in Bath along the stretch of the Avon River that flows alongside Brunel’s Great Western Railways. Enjoy a leisurely punt passing forests and the green Botanic Gardens. On reaching the Worchester Street Bridge one can enjoy splendid sights of colonial structures and streets of Christchurch’s lively city.

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