Eclectic Beauty Reclining In London – Part III

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Tourist attractions

Queen’s gallery:

Instituted in the Buckingham Palace of London, it is a spot where tourists can grab beautiful view of fine arts from the Royal Collection. The gallery displays a grandeur collection of some finesse pieces of excellent artists that comprise of big names like Rubens and Vermeer. These great artists have served to monarch regimes for centuries. Also, some magnificent artifacts such as jewelry, sculptures and furniture have been exhibited. Tourists with London pass can get a free entry in the interiors.

London Hyde Park
Hyde Park:

This is a tranquil retreat in the urban streets of Central London. In the North-east side is Speaker’s Corner, which is a traditional sanctuary for giving free speeches. This is one of the excellent enchanting parks of London that runs over an extensive area of 142 hectares (350 acres). This is a comprehensive spot furnished with perfect spectacular settings of over 4000 trees, a lake, a meadow and horse rides.

Also, Hyde Park affords wide ranging facilities ranging from cafes, restaurants, playground and many more. Children can indulge in fun and merry activities in the lovely playground. Also, there is an educational centre known as Lookout which was before a police observation point. Today, it is an exceptional learning centre where children can learn about nature and wildlife. The park offers something for everything as there are toilets and other facilities designed for providing comfort to disabled people. Get there and enjoy most of the activities, Hyde gardens open at 5 am in the morning.

Kensington Gardens
Kensington Gardens:

Stretching over 111 hectares which is a sprawling area of 275 acres, Kensington Gardens is a legendary retreat hailing from a royal background. This marvelous garden is a retreat for the nature lovers as it is garlanded with eye-soothing boulevards and woodlet. There is something for everyone; this garden has a perfect line-up of Kensington Palace, splendid Italian Gardens, Albert Memorial, Peter Pan Statue and Serpentine gallery.

This is an extensive and all-embracing spot with an added spice of natural ambiance and scented aroma. Kensington Gardens was initially a part of Hyde Gardens in 1689, and later King William III found the location quaint and pure, and thereafter assigned Sir Christopher to create the red brick building which is today popularly known as Kensington Palace.

In addition, to its natural essence the garden affords sunbathing and picnics during balmy weather. Tourists can have a vigorous and healthy walk in the jogging trails. Cyclists can accomplish their dream of cycling in the garden, but over the allocated path only, which connects the Queen’s Gate to West Carriage Drive, Mount Gate to the Broadwalk, and Broadwalk from the Black Lion Gate to Palace Gate.

Casual games take place, however in order to preserve the legendary beauty, they are not permitted. Also behind this strictness lies a primary motto of conserving the garden as an oasis of tranquility for people residing, working or traveling in Central London. The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground is a fun spot for kids who are up to the age of 12. The playground is quite popular amidst the people as over 7,50,000 parents and children pay visits every year.

Not only it serves nature enthusiasts and children, but also it is a fun location for the animal lovers as Kensington Garden shelters some unusual animals which hail back to more than 100 years. It is a home to more than 178 species of animals. One can view green woodpeckers which lie in the gardens and are distinct in the whole of Central London. There is a circular pool which serves as a dwelling place for three-spined sticklebacks, roach, eels and gudgeon.

Natural History Museum:

One of the most distinguished Museum in London; it is a wondrous spot for exploring natural history right from the inception days i.e. prehistoric era to up-to-day. Natural History Museum is very popular and celebrated spots in London, it was built up be Alfred Waterhouse. This spectacular museum is a premier spot which exhibits more than 68 million specimens and possesses collections dating back to more than 300 years.

The museum is beautifully designed and has been bifurcated in two parts namely Life and Earth galleries. This museum can’t be explored in one day’s time as your feet will start paining before your brain does. Let your kids enjoy by running in the hall midst gigantic dinosaur skeletons, erupting volcanoes and giant-size fabrication of blue whales. And to broaden smile of your face is that the entrée is for free. Believe me, you and your kids will remember this enchanting experience for the whole lifetime.

south kensington
V&A South Kensington:

An extravagant art gallery, V&A is an eclectic array of varied art forms with manifestation of sculpture, furniture, photographs and glass. All these art forms range from the ancient period to the modern day. The Raphael Gallery has been recently revamped which is an array of Raphael’s tapestry work which are a part of the Royal Collections. For more fun and excitement, visit the museum during Wednesdays, as there are extraordinary theme nights on these days.

Tower BridgeTower Bridge:

The Tower Bridge officially opened in 1894 and is designed by Sir Horace Jones; it gains recognition and popularity from allover the world. Because of great volume of river traffic during that time, Tower Bridge was constructed as such that could be raised. This is a great spot to catch mesmerizing and scenic views of the Tower of London and River Thames.

Tourists can move ahead by the North Tower and cross the river from the enclosed walkway before descending by the South Tower. Even the Tower Bridge offers for exhilarating experience, by a captivating exhibition inside the Towers and engine rooms. If you wish to get an enchanting broader view of the Tower Bridge, then head towards the Potters Fields Park which is adjacent to the City Hall. Grab the fun of both spectacular views and picnicking here.

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