Eclectic Beauty Reclining In London – Part II

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London is a shopper’s paradise; one could grab fun by shopping day and night in London, mingle with the high-class elites in the tiara triangle close by Harrods or get over the weekend markets in the Portobello Road, Camden and Greenwich. After shopping, the most popular and fun granting act is music and clubbing. Even, the predominant arts are not less; they bestow great opportunities to view stunning theatre companies, dance troupes, exhibitions and operas.

It is an eclectic location which offers diverse delicacy options for its tourists; in this matter it gives a strong competition to its European rivals. It offers wide-ranging food options ranging from three-star Michelin establishments to feasible dishes, first-rate Chinese restaurants to Indian curry houses. For getting an overview of this metropolis, it is essential to roam in the small communities. Let’s move ahead.

London Eye (Millennium Wheel):

Popularly referred as London Eye and Millennium Wheel, this massive 443 foot ferris wheel located on the south bank renders a phenomenal panoramic view of whole of London. It was instituted in the year 2000 which ultimately privileged the millennium; also it bestows scenic views stretching out to 25 miles incorporating views of Windsor and Tunbridge Wells in a clear day. 25 people could easily fir in each of its capsule, and the exciting detail is that the wheel rotates slowly and it takes thirty minutes to revolve once which leaves one with enough time to grab photos, spectacular views of the surroundings.

Tower of LondonTower of London:

This ancient Tower of London has concealed nine hundred years of historical past in its tower walls. It is conceived that this medieval spot was once a place for imprisoning and executing. Although, the yesteryears of death and torture has ended long back, but still there reclines an atmosphere of frightened feelings. Interiors, tour guiders are available. Despite all these, the main attractions inside is the spell-binding Crown Jewels. Also, there is an opportunity to view the ancient ravens who reside inside the walls. According to the myths, it is believed that is they leave at any point of time, then they will again be surmounted by foreigners. Surprisingly, many orders have been received to clip their wings.

Westminster AbbeyWestminster Abbey:

This stunning architecture is recognized as a medieval magnum opus. Majestically, Westminster Abbey is the location where most of the country’s coronation ceremony or royal acts are performed. Now-a-days, this church still welcomes the layman for regular prayers or merriment of any large occasion. It also serves as a final resting place or paying tributes to huge number of renowned poets, authors, musicians, artists, scientists and even more.

big benBig Ben:

Big Ben is a clock that is the part of the well-known tower of Houses of Parliament. Its incredible mechanism weighs over 3.5 tons and the clock’s pendulum which sways once in every two seconds is 13 feet long and weights 690 pounds. It was granted this name after the First Commissioner of Works. The most thrilling fact about this place if that since 1885 a light lightens up in it, while the House of Commons is in session. This large clock tower permits visit of inhabitants of UK, however non residents are not.

Eclectic Beauty Reclining In London – Part I

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