Dubai Desert Safari- A Not To Miss Opportunity

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Desert Safari in Dubai presents a real taste of true heartland of UAE. A visit to Dubai would remain incomplete without a trip to the Desert Safari in Dubai. The action packed desert safari takes you on a journey from a desert to a mountain in a 4 wheel drive to a camel ride and then to an isolated village.

You have options of morning safari, evening safari or overnight safari to choose from. It is ideal to take the evening safari or an overnight safari to escape the harsh sunlight and the scorching day time temperatures. The morning desert safari is suitable for people who do not have time to spare in the afternoon or evening. They start at 9.00 and move straight towards the desert where they enjoy 20 minutes of dune bashing and then they are taken to a camp where they can try out 15 minutes of quad biking, camel riding, and sand skiing. It is advised not to miss the opportunity of a ride on the camel, the ship of the desert.

The evening desert safari generally departs in the late afternoon to take you across the desert in Dubai. You will enjoy the famous Arabian Roller Coaster Ride also called as dune bashing. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset and drive on till you reach your camp site. It is suggested that while you reach the camp site you should taste the Arab coffee and dates. Women can indulge in henna designing on their hands and feet. You can also try camel riding and sand boarding. The Arabs are perfect host and so you would be able to enjoy a traditional Arabian barbecue dinner under the starry skies. You can also try the Shisha, which is the famous traditional Arabic hubly-bubly water pipe. And finally before returning to Dubai you can watch the most popular Arabian belly dance performed around the camp fire.

If you have time in hand you should opt for the overnight desert safari. This includes all the elements of the evening safari, however instead of returning to the city in the evening you gain an opportunity to spend the night at the desert camp site. You will have beautiful experience of sleeping in spacious tents under the starry night in your sleeping bags.  You can experience the beautiful cool Arabian night and see the stunning sunrise in the morning. Before returning back to Dubai you can eat a hearty Arabian or continental breakfast.

A visit to a desert safari is an experience that you cherish for a life time and can share your family and friends.  It is truly worth every single penny that you spend.

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