Diving in Bali: Go For It

Asia | | November 26, 2010 at 12:05 am


Bali is regarded as the ‘island of the Gods’. Diving in Bali is a great way to unwind and relax. Bali is ideal for diving. Make sure to utilize the proper gear. The Oceanic Sunfish or Mola Mola is sure to mesmerize the traveler. They are found in the waters of Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida. Tepekong or Mimpang is renowned for its pigmy-sized seahorses. The corals found in Bali are diverse in range. In terms of variety, Bali beats all other coral hotspots hands down.

There are several safaris organized for diving in Bali. These safaris are spread over many days. They are planned in such a way that the traveler’s in-water time is maximized. Traveling time, on the other hand, is minimized. Travelers are offered the unique opportunity of getting in touch with the local culture of Bali.

There are many tour operators who offer Bali diving. Most of them have been in the business for several years. The resorts are luxurious and opulent, offering great value for money. Each hotel and resort has set high standards for themselves in terms of service. Each location has been inspected thoroughly. The facilities that are outsourced have been given special importance.

Most dive guides belonging to Europe and Indonesia have in excess of 3,000 dives at the site of Mola Mola. By diving in Bali, you leave a lasting impression on the mind. After all, Bali is the world’s best island.

Before diving in Bali, make sure to get the right gear. Get closer to the Bali Sunfish by undertaking the safaris of Bali Sunfish and Manta Ray. These safari packages focus on locating the Bali Sunfish and Manta Rays. These diving packages are ideal for divers who are experienced. Experienced divers would want to catch a glimpse of these beautiful creatures. They may also want to photograph and video the Bali Sunfish, which is also known as ‘Mola Mola’.

The weather conditions at the dive sites of Bali Sunfish vary throughout the year. Therefore, great care must be taken with regards to size of each dive group. All dive guides are experienced and professional. They have more than 2500 logged dives near the sites of Bali. When conditions are perfect, five divers go diving at a time. When the conditions are not perfect, the number decreases. This has been the standard practice to guarantee the safety of the clients. The service offered is exclusive in nature.

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