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Diggerland is the United Kingdom’s special attractions in entertainment arenas. Come here and enjoy the chances of being in the most entertaining zones of the world. Under the guidance of the staff here you can go around the place and enjoy to your heart’s content. You don’t need a driving license here. There are four sites in the United Kingdom situated in the Devon, Kent, Yorkshire and Durham regions and you would never be too far away from enjoyment. The season in 2012 here has started in the month of February till the month of November.

Diggerland Theme Park
Diggerland is the ideal place to be in if your kids want a fun packed family outing. So just bask in the pleasures of being in the loveliest enjoyment zones in this part of UK. With the beautiful rides and the exciting activities here it is a wonderful land of absolute fun and excitement. So enjoy the Sky Shuttle and the Spin Dizzy and also enjoy digger dirt with a digger weighting 6 tons. The beauty here is that there is always something to be done here for all ages.

Diggerland Sky Shuttle

There is no need to book in advance in this park so just visit this amusement zones and enjoy the pleasures of the greatest fun regions in this part of the world. You can book online and collect your discount voucher.

The admission to Diggerland needs you to access almost all the rides and enjoy as much as possible. Height restrictions are chalked out for every ride so make sure you have all the attractions checked. Any ride with the visitors who are below 90 cms are allowed for that particular category. But these small rides are very few.

With convenient play areas, and intriguing sand pits and also exciting coin operated rides this is a place where the younger guests love to let off a little steam. The parents in the main time can relax and rejuvenate in the calm ambience.

Diggerland ride
With the best facilities for eating, the food and drink here is very palatable and good. There is also a goodie store which has a lot of toys and clothing etc for your immediate use if any.

H.E.ServicesDiggerland is thus one of the most popular theme parks in England. It is owned by the excavator hire fire H.E.Services. UK also has parks in the Strood, Kent, Manor, Verbeer, Cullompton regions.

Racing events normally are held here between the months of October and March and they normally get over by the daylight hours. Dumper racing is a greatly popular sport here and there are Digger Wars that are held and the King of the Ring is crowned. There is also a stunt team which is seen to operate every year. There is a magnificent exhibition of large diggers who are seen pushed to their greatest limits. In the year 2008 these diggers had performed at many country fairs like the Great Yorkshire Show and the Kent County Fair.

British pay a lot of money to turn fantasy into real life experiences and this theme park is a greatly exhilarating experience. The biggest attraction here is the Dancing Diggers, and this half an hour show is a lovely show of daredevil stunts and a lot of comedy.

Here all the operations should be done under great supervision and it is better to be a little aware of what you could do here. Otherwise the Diggerland Theme Park is a lovely region to be in, in this part of United Kingdom.

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