De Efteling Theme Park, Netherlands

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De Efteling Theme Park, in south Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands, initiated as a walking park in 1933, then transgressed into sports park cum play area, tennis courts, swimming areas and in 1952, the sprookjesbos, the fairy theme forest was unveiled where till date one can find every fairy tale character possibly imaginable out here. With the tasteful expertise of the designer, Anton Pieck, the park was magically transformed into a theme park, re-christened to De Efteling thereafter.

The noteworthy foyer to the park is The House of the Five Senses, evident by the five risen peaks of the roof, based on a famed fable.

efteling pythonFor adrenaline junkies, a must visit is The Flying Dutchman, the most expensive attraction built till date by Efteling. A huge dose of special effects like absorbing background scores, inexplicable discernment as one tunnels through different mazes, amazing weather changes from breezy to getting soaked, illuminative waterfalls, sudden uphill and plunges with 70 km/hr ride ending in a splash. To add to the eerie factor, the Spookslot the premier, huge haunted castle, Fata Morgana with its eye-catching sights of 140 figurines in motion to the orchestrated tunes of Efteling, Villa Volta- the mad house, Droomvlucht which is splendid dark ride and the Pagoda, to name a few.

Truly a coaster paradise with attractions like Vogel Rok- an indoor coaster ride, Python – a double loop, corkscrew-like spiralling ride, De Vliegende Hollander- an aquatic coaster ride, Pegasus- a junior coaster ride, Bob Track, Bird Rok- an enclosed ride and the newly introduced rollercoaster ride that is partially outside and the rest tunnelling through a villa-like structure. The Steam Carousel , an age-old ride, with its rocking seats in varying animal shapes swaying to melodious tunes, is the prime tourist magnet.

The fairytale Forest has the enchanting, talking Fairytale tree which amorously narrates famed fairytales worldwide like Red Riding Hood, Snow White and seven dwarfs to name a few. High-end quality animation pursues with the story telling, with characters that sums up to captivating and evocative entertainment, enjoyed by all ages. The Longneck is one of the oldest fairytales in the park. There is an Arabic theme park and a children’s park closeby. Kiddies are bound to freak out on the ride on the Monsieur Cannibale- a teacup ride, Tin Lizzies- car ride or the Polka Marina- the combo of mini-coaster and carousel.

One can enjoy the 60-mtr long, intricately-made Styrofoam settings of mountain and village vistas, vehicles in motion and waterfall in The Diorama. Pirana, a river rafting ride is thrilling ride as it passes through tunnels, below several waterfalls with the exit involving a rope walk.

One can enjoy a ride on the Gondoletta, a pleasant, musical boat ride that passes through the decedent sceneries, varied aquatic bird forms to the Efteling Streamtrack line. One can find a Wishing well, which has been a boon for the Save the Children Foundation, where a small fish nudges out a gold plate when coins are dropped in, wish being fulfilled if it reaches the plate.

The Carnival Festival is a dark ride that encompasses scenic depictions from nine regions. Half Moon is a ride which is a Ship swing in the lines of a pirate ship. PandaVision is a state-of-the-art 4D theatre. Efteling Theatre is one of five big theaters in Netherlands, which holds large-scale, annual musical productions.

Dreamflight, an extremely popular dark ride that engages the tourist through out-of-the world experiences spanning dreamy castles, splendid forests and fairytale gardens.

De-efteling, definitely lives up to its award-laden reputation with over 3 million visitors thronging the park annually.

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