Dazu Rock Carvings –Part II

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dazu rock carvings golden hands buddhaIn 1999, the Dazu Rock Carvings got listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Lisiting due to their noteworthy artistic eminence, rich assortment of secular and spiritual themes and the depiction of the daily lives in China in that era.

The diversely exhilarating, witty and pragmatic approach of the Baoding Shan Carvings makes it the highly endearing and not to be missed out during a visit to the splendorous Dazu Carvings.

They are the hard, lifelong toil of the monk Zao Zheifeng who organized the funding for it and created the carvings between the time periods of 1179-1245. This explains the extraordinary concord-filled quality of the ten thousand sculptures found at the site.

The highly notable clusters of carvings are those of the Dafowan comprising of thirty-one alcoves integrated within the interior area of a wide, horse-shoe type channel. The well-preserved sculptures of Dafowan illustrate visions derived from Buddhist scripts interspersed with representations of everyday living.

dazu rock carvingsThe Cave of Full Enlightenment is a cavernous grotto having twelve actual sized enlightenment-attained Buddhists or Lohans encasing the Buddhist trine covered by cloud-shaped top. An outcrop afar is adorned with blue, red and green coloured devilish sentinel forms proceeded by Anicca clutching the wheel of destiny.

Halfway about the place, eager onlookers will notice a twenty metres extended Reclining Buddha statue inserted within the bounds of the rock face, ahead of which are the pragmatic portrayal of significant contributors.

The subsequent dual sections are those of the Parental Kindness and Filial Piety of Sakyamuni that engage the fascinating employment of the Buddhist premise to depict Confucian- based beliefs. Subsequently, one comes across the Eighteen Layers of Hell wherein there are portrayals of horrendous sights intermingled with comical pictures of the Hen Wife and the Drunkard along with his mother. The concluding section demonstrates the living of Liu Benzen who was a Tang reign frugal hailing from Leshan illustrating powerful Tantric control.

Dazu Rock Carvings –Part I

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  1. Philip says:

    It is significant to note: 1179-1245, as that’s when Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism were actively making significant contribution to what we see today. It’s spirituality….. is unforgettable

  2. Charles says:

    What’s Taoism, Dude!
    I liked the article, btw. Whatever may be the influences, it’s classy. It’s different than typical travel guide stuff…..

  3. Charles says:

    What do you think, Ricky, would be the entertaining factor for me? I mean, history isn’t really my favorite, Spirituality is fascinating, but how much are those sculptures gonna change me? Never visited any place for that before, you know?

  4. Euronics says:

    I wish to visit this place one day..thanks for sharing this very interesting photos!

  5. vareeja says:

    The rock carvings are full of reverence and emanate deep spiritual profoundity and beauty…! Simply splendid!

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