Day 9 & 10 – Washington DC – Dalton – Atlanta!

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Ah! What a morning, it was sunny outside and no rains. Wow! Now this is gonna be a wonderful day ahead I knew for sure. Every place we visit, there is some unusual thing that locals experience here, like the day we landed in NY, the snowfall had stopped a week ago and now the storm has taken over the place few days after we left. Our historic tour in Washington DC was a fabulous experience with cold and not much of rains around the place. I was a little nervous at the thought that Georgia, especially Atlanta would be too hot climate compared to the other states as was told to me but as I got down from the airplane, I could still sense the wintry winds and I was sure that the winter is still on here at the place.

washington dc to atlanta georgia
Oh gosh, I do not believe that I am finally at Georgia, the state where the shooting of the movie, “My name is Khan” was done. The state is pretty big and the places here are way too distant from each other. After collecting our luggage coming out of the airport, we had Ellen right waiting outside the terminal with not so new Blue sports Car but yeah, it was an exciting experience to drive in that. We were supposed to drive around 80 miles to a place called as Dalton, it’s a distant suburb of Georgia. The suburb of Dalton was a quite place with lovely by lanes and malls around the place. I keenly enjoyed every moment of it as were supposed to move from here in some time after signing business deal with Ellen. Ellen, an thorough born American had a pure southern state English accent so it was a little difficult to understand her. But as I we communicated we got a hand of what she was speaking. She talked at length about Dalton as she had lived all the places of United States.

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Signing the deal, we were driving back 23 miles to stop at Daysinn, a motel owned by some Mr. Patel. He treated us quite a bit well compared to the other places as we were Indians. In no time, we were shooting our luggage bags to room no. 201. A lovely cozy room having all the facilities, it had a star rating of AAA+ after all! After resting for sometime, we were back outside on the roads to have a feel of the place, just nearby there was Sam’s store, where we could get wafers, general groceries, sandwiches, chocolates, etc. It was warm inside the store, and we enjoyed our time inside talking to the cashier there. Coming back in the room, we had our American favorite Starbucks Coffee with special Indian breakfast.

It was in no time, that I went to sleep after watching TV for a while. Early morning, Tanya came to pick us up at the motel. She was a pure American; at least that was what she looked like and as we talked while on a drive. I discovered she was a lovely lady with a zest for life, she spoke to us about the lifestyle here and spoke to us about the famous places here. A drive of over 45 minutes, and we were at Norcross to meet our friend Dhruv. The next couple of days we are going to stay with him, he had a lovely house with 3 bedrooms and much bigger living room. It was a typical American house with a fireplace in one corner of the house. We had a lovely time watching Mr. Bean movie and munching on some popcorns and wafers. We went out for some time, to explore the place. It was lovely housing colony with similar types of houses in one row. It had good security arrangements as no car can enter inside the complex without a swap card.

Georgia tourism
For the dinner, we had Okhra and Indian Rotis, we got our Indian taste buds back after being out of India for nearly 2 weeks now. A pleasant mouth-watering dinner with Dhruv and I am back to my favorite place enjoying the cozy evening in the balcony over looking at the cars zipping by.

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  1. Isabella says:

    Georgia is a very good state to live. You can experience all sorts of climate here.

  2. Jobin says:

    I liked the security here in different complex. It is very well organised and there are very less chances of errors in it.

  3. Kemp says:

    The planning of this couple is really very good. They started with happening place like NY, then exploring the history in Washington and now enjoying different lifestyle in Atlanta.

  4. Lauren says:

    I haven’t been much to South America but I’ve heard there are beautiful places worth exploring. The best is Rio De Janeiro in Brasil.

  5. Mona says:

    Hey, I enjoy reading your blogs but I had a few doubt. I’m also planning to visit US and you were lucky that you have your friends out there. Can you help me out for tariff of motels and some of the good ones as well?

  6. Nannes says:

    I don’t mind living in such a place where houses are far away because the roads here will be very smooth and it will be fun driving here :)

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