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The weather forecasts predicted heavy showers of rain but the climate was quite pleasant outside. A quick breakfast and we were off on our historic visit of Washington DC. Its quite an exciting experience to visit the historic places at DC being a US capital. The place has some of the best memorable places; any visitor here would be pleased with its museums. The common landmark known as National Mall has everything to offer, whether you are looking to see Capitol or Smithsonian Museums. The design of the district is simply fabulous; your trip here would surely be an amazing classy experience of lifetime. The district has not allowed any tall buildings here to maintain the historic layout of the place and also to maintain Washington Monument as the tallest building here. The Washington Monument is a structural design made without the use of iron or steel rods.

national mall washington dc
Some people mistake Washington DC as a state, especially this is the misconception with the tourists here but as we see the alphabets DC attached to the word means it’s a  “District of Columbia”. Washington DC connects you well to other nearby cities and states. The most famous festival here is the Cherry Blossom Festival that is going to be held from March 27 to April 11. The festival parade runs along the constitution Avenue between 9th and the 15th street. You can obtain your Grandstand tickets from ticket master, the other option to avoid the crowd is board a Spirit Dinner Cruise. You get a fabulous experience of shopping here in DC; the downtown offers you lots of malls and shopping areas where you can find world-class brands.

The National Museum of African Art houses around 32,000 volumes on African art and its cultural history. The Warren Robbins library is a great source for information on research and visual arts of Africa. The researchers here travel deep down the oceans to collect fossils and specimens and to extract artworks of our ancestors. The collections by these professionals are catalogued and preserved for almost 150 years now. Washington DC has some of the largest collection of natural history in the world, they have specimens and works of art from varied eras of human history. The historic museums are located in the heart of capital city where the major policies of entire United states are decided in its varied departmental buildings. There are now over 126 million items in the African museum here, the range of the collections includes Tyrannosaurus rex, fossilized pollen, tiny crustaceans, giant squids, whale skulls, ancient spears, Chinese shoes, various mood rocks. The visitors here are simply amazed by the amount of collections placed and added here each year.

washington dc museums and monuments
Washington DC was founded on July 16, 1970 and it is one of the most unique American cities here as it was established by Constitution of United States. The city from the very beginning has been entangled in racial issues, political subjects, different sects, sects conflicts, national identity, subjects on compromises and not to forget the ruling power. The city was founded along the Potomac and Anacostia river which was the result of the compromise between Alexander Hamilton and northern states. The northern states wanted the new federal government to assume the war debts while the southern states wanted the capital to be placed in slave holding agricultural interests. George Washington was the first president of the United States, Washington DC was founded by envisioning it to be a commercial center assuming the seat of the government. The Potomac river was especially chosen because it was already a part of other cities like Maryland, Georgetown and Alexandria. The city of Virginia served as a main shipping center for tobacco and wheat in the year 1846. The city of Washington grew bigger after the civil war especially counting on the nearby farms and rural areas of Georgetown. Washington DC is a cosmopolitan city as it has foreign delegates coming from different corners of the world, it boosts of an increasingly diverse ethnic population.

washington dc museums and monuments
The city of Washington has a unique history and has been popular as a city with multiple personalities. It is home to federal government that has a diverse mix of government workers, foreign emissaries, petitioners, members of congress, petitioners, protestors and lobbyists. The city has a population of over 581, 530 and around 50% of the population here has a bachelor’s degree. Washington DC has over 110 properties and 28,000 hotel rooms. The city gets an annual 15 million visitors every year and generates of $5.5 billion in revenue.

The top attractions of DC are the Smithsonian museums, the national air and space museum, national zoological park, national museum of American history, Vietnam veteran memorial, Arlington cemetery, Korean memorial, Lincoln memorial, world war II memorial, FDR memorial and varied other places. There are around 8 professional teams playing for major sporting events of DC those includes Nationals, United, Mystics, Wizards, Capitals, Redskins. DC has over 40 performing arts and theatres with over 31,000 seats.

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We had a quick stop of over 10 minutes at Union Station, its home to Amtrak and over 3.8 million passengers travel through DC every year. Back on to the bus we started heading towards 3 government houses, namely the US Capitol building, the White House and the US supreme court. Washington DC has the best colonial houses with a classy style of living. The most amazing museums I liked was the National Air and space museums which has hundreds of original artifacts on display, the top unique flyers amongst them are the Wright 1903 flyers, the Apollo 11 command, the spirit of st. louis, the lunar rock and lots of others. The museum consists of IMAX theater, museum shop, a flight simulators, food court and around 22 exhibition galleries. Basically, the museum displays the early history of different types of airplanes used in wars and other historical events. It also displays the early america’s effort of landing on human, the original space suits worn by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are on the display here. The air and space museum completed its 25th Anniversary in 2001, there are various exhibits happening here through out the year. It was the best of the best experiences roaming around the by lanes of the national mall, we caught hold of our touring bus much often after completing each monumental buildings and museums. A superbly pleasant experience of lifetime! Lets see what’s in store for me tomorrow, flying down to Atlanta!

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  1. Aston says:

    Full American history comes live in D.C. Being the capital of US it has got most amazing display of American history.

  2. Bianca says:

    Yeah, that is the best part of Washington. It is still the same as before and it has got great attachment with history.

  3. Corn says:

    This is a news to me that that Washington monument has been made without iron or steel rods. Very well structured I must say now.

  4. Demi says:

    I was very upset that I had just missed the festival Cherry Blossom. I was a day late to reach Washington D.C but it got balanced when i enjoyed with my cousins :)

  5. Ed says:

    Wow! the museums are awesome here! People seriously get amazed with the collection of historic things and cultures preserved in here. The best part is that it has got history of varied cultures.

  6. Fred says:

    After reading all your blogs, I don’t think anybody will need to visit any travel agent for planning their trip.

  7. George says:

    This article has got a glimpse of history of Washington but it has been described very well. Google is the best source but describing it in your own words is something which is always appreciated.

  8. Holmes says:

    There were many problems before in Washington but then things changed gradually and now it is one of the peaceful city of US.

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