Day 6-7 Historical Washington DC

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historical washington dcA fantabulous lovely morning with clear skies and small jitters of rain made us feel extra fresh and I could just see the cars zipping by, from the window. Today, we are moving from NY to capital city of United States of America, Washington DC. The roads were free of traffic and so we had a smooth drive there running on the roads like a flying bird. Reaching at the airport, having security checks nearly took us half an hour of time. In no time, we were sitting at the Starbucks Coffee lounge and gazing at the clear skies outside. We had almost 3 flights that were supposed to leave before us, we could see people rushing in the airplane at the last moment. As it was a domestic flight, we could see most of them being business officials.

Well, after nearly waiting in the lounge for 45 minutes, waiting in the airplane for 30 minutes our flight took off to Washington DC. As our flight rose above the sky, we could see the whole of NY city, the place was looking so organized. A lovely experience, in itself we were passing through rows of clouds moving at faster pace than the airplane. It was a small airplane that could accommodate, I guess 50 people. Most of them were local flyers, some were students, some were businesspersons and some were tourists. We reached a little late at the Dulles airport than the scheduled time, a huge airport with many facilities, we had to catch a metro inside the airport then go floors down and half a kilometer walking area to collect our luggage. Hundreds of flights might be new york to washington dccoming in and going out from here each day. Dulles International Airport was truly an amazing experience.

My friend Smruti and her husband Viral were right there welcoming us at Terminal 2. Viral had a smart black colored Nissan car – Sentra, a lovely non-stop drive because the airport had a separate lane for airport people. It was quite foggy outside, with a little jitters of rain. Over all it was a pleasant climate, we were experiencing a mild cold and balanced rain. Here at Washington or for that matter any US state, they get only few showers of rain, there is never a very heavy rainfall. It was a late evening then, reaching home we visited Tysons Shopping center. A huge mall with varieties of items to buy, it was a shopper’s paradise as it had all the famous brands of the world and the American favorite Macy’s as well.

The mall had varied food centers and a relaxing area, where people could just sit back and relax and enjoy the pleasant washington dc attractionsatmosphere inside the mall. Coming back at home, we had a little breakfast as we were already full with the big ice-cream we had the mall. The next morning, we were all ready to move around the Washington DC city. The city has good connectivity to other adjacent places in terms of road, rail and airport flying facilities. The state Washington DC has 3 airports, out of which one is solely domestic airport but is soon going to be converted to international airport. The next day early morning we drove to National Mall, the place has lots of historic importance with varied governmental offices and buildings.

The place is so full of grass and all the buildings are so organized in just the exact straight directions, there are no tall buildings here in the capital city. The Washington Monument is the highest tower here, the over all look of the place is classy in terms of the historic designs of the building and the approach of the people here. We gave a quick look at the important places here as we were driving through the car. Just adjacent to National Mall is the Potomac River that runs through DC, a washington dclovely scenic beauty with lovely breeze and the snowy trees looking at us. There are lots of museums around the place, each of them having its own historic importance, people around the world come here to visit this place and taking lovely memories back at home. I never knew, Washington DC would be such a rewarding experience as I had no plans coming in here. We saw White House from very off place; the place is totally surrounded by trees and bushy area.

Tomorrow is going to a real exciting day as I am going to take a day tour here at DC, which would take me around the place and describe us each of the historic places in detail. Back drive at home, we stopped at Tysons to have some refreshments. The place was crowded as it was a Saturday and people were shopping like crazy as summer offers had already started then. The mall is spread over 4 storeys and having some of the biggest brands of the world. I truly enjoyed the experience.

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  1. Abraham says:

    Washington DC is a peaceful place as compared to other cities. People here are not in much hurry or running here and there all the time.

  2. John says:

    Washington has got many historic places to visit. The place is not that happening as compared to NY or Vegas.

  3. Daniel says:

    The great White House situated in D.C. is considered as the 2nd best architecture of America.

  4. Rome says:

    There are many huge malls around the world. Best being in Dubai! There is not much to see except some historic buildings and the white house.

  5. Paris says:

    It never rains heavily in US but it is chilly during winters. snowfall is really heavy!

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