Day 32-35 – Long Awaited Chicago!

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First and foremost things I had like to say “Hello” to my fellow readers after a gap of 4 days. Los Angeles was pretty much well, I enjoyed to the fullest extent especially at very “IN” and happening places like Disneyland and Universal Studios. After the fun filled day at Universal, it was very quite moment for me to return home very heavy hearted. But there always come an “End” to FUN after hilarious thrilling experiences of anyone’s life. I understood this fact, and started packing up my luggage to leave for Chicago the next morning. It’s been now three days; I haven’t had enough sleep or enough of rest. We had connecting flights from LA – Salt Lake City – Chicago, after getting down at Salt Lake City I was quite a bit excited about my next flight which I thought would be on time. But to my surprise, the flight had been delayed by three hours and as we were just coming to terms with that long three hours of wait, the authorities announced a more one-hour wait. Oh my god, this came as a complete shock to me and I was awestruck by this mental brain strain.

Chicago's skyline

Ah! I somehow managed to pass those three hours and an added one-hour of wait for my journey to my last and only destinations of United States, Chicago. Just as we thought, the check-in would start; the air-staff announced a more forty-minutes wait. I had seriously got a mental virtual brain attack by this announcement. It’s in my life history, for the very first time I had waited at the airport for five hours and doing just nothing except eating the American Mozzarella Cheese Pizza. I wonder sometimes, how Americans manage to eat so much of cheese and yet stay fit and healthy. Perhaps, they might be doing YOGA for healthy living and a healthy mind. Well, I nearly hated the air trafficking by then, this was happening due to the windy and drizzling weather at Chicago O’Hare Airport. Well, well, well, after the world came tumbling over, I finally got a chance to board my flight to Chicago. At the end, I was just too tired inside the airplane to even think of anything or either eat something.

Reaching at Chicago airport was a thrilling experience as it was windy and very cold outside. Amitbhai, came to pick us up at the airport, it was a pleasant drive back at home in his sleek and smart BMW. Reaching home, I was pleased to meet Seema didi for the very first time and it was indeed a pleasant experience for the rest of my days here. The next morning was pretty cool outside the garden lawn, the cool breeze sensed like spring flowers are soon going to arrive. The malls here are pretty much gigantic with specialized items, there are special grocery stores, special clothing stores, special general stores, electronic stores, shoe malls, etc. you just name it and you have it. I was enjoying every bit of my time here with a warm homecoming and lots of chit chatting sessions with all the four of them in the family. Being my last destination in the US, there was no doubt that I could miss out on anything. Each day we went to different malls and nearby locations to have a drive to enjoy and unwind ourselves. I cannot ever forget the great taste of Indian Chinese food at Bamboo Garden, which made me feel like I am eating in India. The malls here are flexible enough to work for twenty hours and I really like this concept where people could shop around any time of the day or night.

Chicago tours

The huge malls are just not made of one single brand; they contain a variety of brands so you can enjoy good competition and as a result good prices as well. I could see lots of Indian families shopping around in here, perhaps they might wanted to shop the best bargains they could have their hands on. You just cannot afford to see one mall in one day that is all I can promise after seeing the window display. You cannot miss out on any one attractions here as they are meant to stop you buy and atleast have a look at them. There were hundreds and thousands of items here on display; there was something or the other for the people of any age. The malls like Target, Walmart, Marshalls, Abt, Meijers, Kohl’s are just the few names which are the famous places to buy all the food items, household items, electronics, clothing and much more. Each store gives you great bargains at attractive prices so that you can easily match the prices and take home the stuff you always wanted to buy. Chicago is the place for fun and frolic; the huge buildings at downtown are simply an artistic viewpoint from the top of any towers. I simply got amazed with the whole area filled with tall buildings, a mind-boggling experience of lifetime.

Chicago places to visit

There are numerous places to visit here; one of them is the Millennium Park. It is one of the best award winning architectural structures that produces performances of all the genres. There are varied festivals held here in its 24.5-acre park. The activities are ON here throughout the year, it is one of the most popular destinations of Chicago. If you are an art lover, you cannot miss the chance to visit The Art Institute’s Modern Wing that showcases all the museum’s collection of 20th century. The Renzo Piano designed itself a truly art structures has 3 floor having spacious light galleries and mind you there is no entry fee. The Skydeck at Chicago’s The Ledge provides you an awesome experience that is around 1,350 above the ground, it gives you an amazing view of the nearby cityscape areas. It contains a glass box that protrudes at 103rd floor, this was initially known by the name Sears Tower Skydeck. So the next time you visit Chicago, do not forget to ask your Taxi Driver to take you to The Ledge at downtown Chicago. I was literally enjoying the feel to be on the top, that high and I could see some funny steps taken by other visitors there. There were some who were a little nervous to step inside the glass cabin while others were nearly proud to see their legs high up with no floor down. You could see the whole of Chicago downtown and of course the distant suburbs, I could well compare this city being similar to NY in terms of the infrastructure and also great restaurants. Another jewel to the crown is the Willis Tower which stands tall amongst the tall buildings of Chicago’s skyline, its truly a man made wonder with great architectural design. The tower is one of the most ideal locations for business and contains a high amount of security networks as well. It stands at 1,450 feet and is around 110 storeys high, it is one of the tallest buildings in the downtown in the whole western hemisphere. The Willis tower offers you more than 3.8 million square feet office space, its one of the stunning beauties in Business Arena.

Chicago tours

The very interesting of all is the John Hancock tower and Observatory; it’s the structure that anyone would love to catch pictures and glimpse of. It’s located on 875 North Michigan Avenue at the Gold Coast area of Chicago, Illinois. It’s a 100-storey tower that is around 1,127 foot that is one of the tallest buildings after Willis tower in the downtown Chicago. The 95th floor in the building is best-known place to a restaurant; the name of the room is “The Signature Room”. You can have a glimpsing look at the whole of Chicago while dining at leisure; it is located at the commercial district of the downtown. It is one of the fabulous places I ever visited in the US. I was a little upset on the last day, as it was going to be my end of the trip but was pretty excited to be back at home. All things done and said, “A home is where the heart is” and INDIA is the place where my heart truly belongs. Of course, I loved the USA and its lovely people and would also love to visit it time and again. Hoping back to see you again in my next vacation, I do not know where?

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