Day 31 – Universal Studios

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The same driver, the same bus was waiting for us at Hilton morning right at 7:30 am for pick up. It was a very pleasant day and the temperatures were expected at 70-75° Fahrenheit. I really wished a very exciting day today and indeed it was with lots of fun and thrill filled day. We started to drive along the streets of Hollywood Boulevard and within some time we were up at the top point of Hollywood hill. It was an amazing experience to see the whole of San Fernando Valley from the top of the hill. It looked amazingly beautiful, as it was early morning and we could smell the fresh flowers, grass and beautiful fresh air passing by. We stopped at a steep slope alongside the hill to click a few pictures with the word, “HOLLYWOOD” on the mountain. Our tour guide explained us about the beautiful area and also how the area was developed and how this place is home to celebrities. Beverly Hills is one of the topmost areas of Los Angeles to live in, the other side of the hill are sea facing houses that would leave you spell bound.


Our tour guide took us around a small trip on the Beverly hills, he showed us some of the houses were the shooting of some movies have been done and also homes of famous super stars of the century. There were some very old houses, while some were being built up by famous personalities. To name a few are the house of Bill Gates, Richard Gere, Sharon Stone, Michael Jackson (fyi – this was the place where he lived and died), Mel Gibson, Janet Jackson, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie (Childhood home), Julia Roberts, Diana Ross, James Woods and lots of other celebrities. It was fun to look at their old and new homes, but one thing our tour guide told us that keep changing their addresses every year and many of them had more than two or three houses in Beverly Hills itself. It was an amazing location with trees everywhere and sea at the other side of the hill, I wish I could get one place near the Michael Jackson huge house ☹. Soon, will buy one though!

The action packed Universal Studio is split into two levels the upper level and lower level which makes you take a 3 long escalators to get you down at the bottom. Universal Studios have entertainment for the people of each and every age, they have some of the best thrilling rides and entertaining shows, which will keep you, spell bound and thrilled for hours. They have a number of shops and restaurants and dining areas where you could have a fun time with family and friends. The citywalk gives you the pleasure of looking and enjoying the live cinemas feel of the place. The best attractions of the place are the blockbuster TV series show, The Simpsons. The Simpsons was the first ever ride we took at Universal studios and is the most memorable one till date, a lovely dash of characters and ride playing and the planning of each rooms will make you go crazy. The ride’s classic humor shows you the glimpse of originally voiced characters and voices. It was over all a thrilling experience. Later, we went for heart pounding lovely surprising ride of “Revenge of the Mummy”, the outlook of the place was made to look like a real mummy and pyramid inside the dome. It was dark and there were characters like mummy laid down at some places and also a movie screen that did not let us get bored because of the long queue. It was one of the exhilarating experiences as the ride first took us in a speedy trail in a forward direction and then the reverse. It was scary but full of thrills and high squeezes up and down, my god, I still cannot forget those Goosebumps on my body. The next ride we planned to go for was the real world of Jurassic Park, as we enter inside the wooden boat, it was a huge boat having sitting arrangement for over 15 people. As we took a deeper plunge in to it they took us to the real world of forest like areas and artificially made structures of Dinosaurs spilling water over you from their mouth. The enchanting sounds of forest creatures and lovely birds chirping around the place made us feel we are in danger and in the real forest. Nothing less than trailing around in the water for few minutes, we were off the ladder going up with mechanized jungle water power plant and in no time, ZOOP!!! we were down entering the mouth of a big dinosaur. There was a huge thud of water sprinkles on us and we were all wet, this was real good experience I must say.


Your tour to Universal Studio is half done if you have not taken a Studio tour, the cart takes you to the real sets of television series, the houses used in different movies and serials, the real pieces of broken airplanes which were used in some thrilling action movies. The tour took us around for a fabulous 45 minutes, we saw real sets of how the things are made to look real that is behind the scenes. We saw the sets of The war of the Worlds, Desperate housewives and other many popular US Televisions shows. You could see more of Hollywood movie sets here and some places, the shooting was still on and we had to be silent in the middle of the tour. The studio tour was very informative as we came to know how big accidents are made to look like with computer 3D effects, the magical world of cinemas need just some creativity to work upon and people feel it’s a hell lot of money people put in to create those effects. While sitting in the studio tram, we experience the real life experience like having an encounter with the wreckage of War of the Worlds, the Wisteria lane from the hit series Desperate Housewives, you could see the famous Bates Motel, we also got to experience the explosive special effects of the Fast and the Furious very up and close. We were lucky enough to also see the actual skull island into set pieces from the movie King Kong. For your information, I had like to inform that the cost of the studio tour is included along with the park admission.

It was an amazingly adventurous experience to see Universal Studio which is commonly known as “The Entertainment Capital of LA”. We got so immersed in enjoying the glamorous looking, exciting Hollywood, we did not realize we were hungry or that we needed any rest. Universal Studios is for all those film lovers who love to enjoy the scenic looking artificially made town ships and houses. We got a real authentic taste of Hollywood movies while we were at Studios. The fun part was riding in the real movie like rides, that was one of the awesome experience we met with. The theme park is full of entertainment, we even saw characters playing roles while people are just walking by the streets, we saw iron man walking on the roads, it was surprising to see him walk like a real machine man. Universal studio made us feel in the real world of Studio where everyone is busy experimenting different takes, people are laughing, clicking pictures with different characters, shows being played and loads of entertainment and excitement.

DSC03449 DSC03502

The very first we saw was Terminator 3D shows, which was organized by a very well known defense company in US, the characters played in that thrilling show were Arnold and some boy, I do not quite remember his name. In the end it shows that the war is continue between the computer robots who want to save the world and the humans who will robots will control them. It was an amazingly done up show, we felt like we were in the real war. You will never short fall of entertainment, there is each and everything for everybody belonging to any ages. The thrilling show of water world was simply amazing, it shows actually the real movie shots, a simply great experience of lifetime. There are hundreds and thousands of things you can do at Universal Studios, provided you give a proper time and your body full of energy. An exhilarating, mind-boggling experience of lifetime, Universal Studios!

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  1. Astro says:

    Oh man this couple has spend a long time in US by now. They must have enjoyed each and every destination to the full!

  2. Bella says:

    HOLLYWOOD!! This is the place where you can get a chance to chat with your favorite Hollywood stars of all time!

  3. Christopher says:

    You must be kidding Bella. If you only get a chance to sight your favorite actor you will faint over there itself.

  4. Dole says:

    It is so fun going in Universal studios and having a ball! So many shows to see and to enjoy.

  5. Em says:

    Universal studios the biggest and most reputed production in Hollywood! Many people go mad to work with them.

  6. Em says:

    It must be so fun to see everything live! It is really a great experience to be a part of it.

  7. Franc says:

    Beverly hills is one of the costliest areas to live IN US. You can see houses and villas of celebrities out here.

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