Day 3 – Fascinating New York City Tour

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A lovely morning, with a dash of wintry winds, blowing by the sides of the roads, we walked down the lanes of floral park taking our bus to 179 st, Broadway and from there taking a E train to Times Square, Manhattan downtown. People here reach office early in the morning right at 8’0 clock, morning hours are lively with people rushing down from uptown to downtown. To work at Times Square is one of the greatest dreams of youngsters around the world to be associated to offices here, people love to work here in the financial districts of Manhattan.

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The open city tour bus took around the streets of Manhattan covering statue of liberty, WTC, china town, Macy’s, NY post office, Empire State building, Wall Street, Rockefeller Centre, FBI headquarters, and many other known important places. As we moved around the financial districts, I could see the tall offices having historic importance with special designs. The road planning here is simply mind-boggling. Each and every corner of the place is neat and clean with superb town planning. You could find huge big brands departmental stores here. Each day billions of dollars are exchanged here with financial stakes running high and dry, luckily the economy has recovered back from recession.

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The people here are so friendly helping you for every thing you need to know about the city. The train and roads network are well connected so if you do not want to travel by your car, you can enjoy the luxuries of train and buses with heaters on. Even during peak hours, the train was empty, such is the beauty and planning of the place, you get trains every 2 minutes. Every nook and corner of any streets of NY, you can find the famous Starbucks Coffee, having a hot chocolate here was rejuvenating experience. Each dollar has a value here, you get quality item for whatever money you spend and equally you do not get cheated.

There are strict governmental rules here for public behavior, traffic controls, road crossing, traveling in a metro train and even in restaurants. You cannot escape the beauty of the place that is so appealing and graceful. Any big entrepreneur would love to have an office here in Manhattan. We get rented offices here, with a minimum rent of $1000 per month. I never knew, where the evening passed by, it always falls short of time when you visit the streets of Times Square. There are varied eateries here, with Subway being the most famous amongst Americans.

Later in the evening, we took a F train to Roosevelt Av. to Jackson heights, a very Indian Community. Although the place had more of non-vegetarian restaurants, I was so excited to see only Vegetarian Indian restaurant named, Rajbhog serving you Indian delicacies and other fast food items. We had 2 sabzis with parathas and also my favorite puran polis and Batata Vadas, a lovely meal and we headed for our next business meeting with Mr. Koya, a Chartered Accountant. Back then at home, we were sipping a hot cup of tea, enjoying a cozy evening with Ramesh uncle. Wanna get up tomorrow early morning 5’0 clock, good bye.

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  1. Genie says:

    The biggest city in the world! Super lively and open 24/7

  2. Laura says:

    A great city to live in if you have good bank balance! Office at Times Square. everything is full set!

  3. Croft says:

    Great pubs out in the city to have a ball with friends and climate as well is really awesome!

  4. Philip says:

    The wall street! biggest exchange in the world! Very truly said that billions of dollars are transfered!

  5. Kotler says:

    This is the best city till date I’ve been to. Amazing place and amazing people out here.

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