Day 22 – The wonders of Sea world at San Antonio

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Well, am back up in the morning writing my lovely experiences of yesterday. It is refreshing to have lovely upma in the morning made by pamposh aunty with a hot cup of tea. Yesterday was a bit tiresome and exciting as well, morning we started from Houston at around 6:00 am in the morning to reach San Antonio by 10:00 am. After refreshing ourselves we left for Sea world which was just 4-5 miles for Thusu uncle’s house. Since the time we have been in Texas, I have been hearing that this place is a must and so I was finally off to the place. The huge gates of Sea world welcomed us, I could see a huge gate structure made of glass and a lovely decoration at the front with artificial dolphins designed. There were huge number of people who had come to visit the place and I was truly impressed with the type of discipline people have here.

sea world san antonio

Sea world had in all five shows schedule for the day and each of them repeating three different times of the day and some of them even more. The first show we saw was Believe, it was at Shamu Theater. It was a huge theater with huge sitting arrangements and big stage and a transparent swimming pool. We saw Shamo (whale) showing his twists and twirls in the water and high jumps in the air with much amazement. The whales waved their fins at us, showed us their talents by coming out of the water and positioning them in a moon pose. I was seriously astonished the way they were following the commands of their trainers. For every action they were fed with fishes to encourage them to do even more. The show continued for around twenty-two minutes, but I felt like being there forever. I enjoyed the show so much that I went one more time to see the show in the later part of the day. Then comes, Sea world’s brand new shows named as Azul performed at Beluga Stadium. We were lucky to be there on time as we could see some joker making jokes with water being splashed on him. The childrens especially loved his act of foolishness. The area was decorated with huge colorful clothing as the wall of the stage and blue sparkling water down. Here we saw the acts of Beluga whales, it was one of the best shows I have ever seen in my life. There were acrobats and aeralists which were flown down from around the world to perform the acts and entertain us. This show was a mix of fishes, Aquatic acrobats and aeralists, flowerbirds performing their shows beautifully.

Sea world

The Cannery Row Caper was equally an interesting show about cops investigating about missing fish. It was at Sea Lion Stadium and as the show started I saw a huge sea lion following a performer on the stage. It was a mix of drama as well as some dancing, they made sea lions dance to their tunes by twisting their bodies and accordingly fishes moved their fins. This was the first time in my life I was seeing a live fish show and it was truly a mind thrilling experience, Believe Me! They made sea lions turn round beneath the water and up in the ground as well. Later we went for Pirates 4D show which was at SeaStar theatre, wearing our 4D glasses we were all set to enjoy the surprises inside. It was a story of hapless band of pirates searching for hidden treasures and cunningly they discover with lots of failing and unfailing efforts. There were water showers inside the theater, air puming in the legs at some movements of creatures on the screen that made us feel like they have really entered our clothes, it was a beautiful experience. After watching the movie, we went for Ashlee Rose Unplugged, it was at Mango Joe’s cafe with acoustic rock style music being played of Ashlee Rose. For the people who love to listen to musical sounds of high seas could straight head to Castaway cafe to hear the smoothing island sounds of the high seas, it was a truly a mind blowing, peaceful experience.

san antonio tourist attractions

The varied ride at Water park were Shamu’s express, Journey to Atlantis, Steel Eel, Great white, Texas Splashdown, Rio Loco. We just went to Steel Eel, it was one of the biggest rides. It looked so huge even when were passing from the highway. There were atleast 5-6 times we went up and down on the steep slopes, WOW, it was truly a mind exercise when you go up in the air for a fraction of second.

For animal lovers, there was another getway where you could enjoy animal exhibits at any time of the day, some of its programs includes Animal connections and information reservation center, animal connections and conservations center, Dolphin Cove, Sharks – The coral reef, Lorikeets, Penguin Encounter, Alligator Alley, Rocky point. There were special interactive programs set up for that kids could learn and quesiton new things of animal kingdom. It was a good learning experience. We fully enjoyed our day to the maximum extent and were too tired while back at home but I am happy that I saw this shows. Good bye for now and I shall write more once I visit other places in here.

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  1. Smith says:

    I just love to go to all these sea shows. They are so amazing and beautiful to see.

  2. Tobby says:

    God has really created great creatures in this world! Doplhins being the best.

  3. Ubeyoa says:

    This couple are really having some of the greatest times of their life!

  4. Veronica says:

    People travel from places specially for this sea world! It is very much famous.

  5. Will says:

    I am getting goosebumps after reading this article. It sounds so much of fun! I think travelling to such places is always amazing and exciting.

  6. Philip says:

    I really enjoy reading all the blogs of this Indian couple and as I’ve visited India I can understand some of their language as well ;)

  7. ted says:

    ohhh it is exhaustive article…have been to the SeaWorld and this article expalins everything just the way it was in simple but descriptive way..
    .-= ted´s last blog ..Paris =-.

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